Thursday, November 26, 2009

more quick bullets

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funny stuff:

- apparently we were never married.
yes folks. tis true. about a month ago i went to get my name changed (officially) to sheppard. we took all of the necessary documents and filled out all of the necessary forms; however, when we showed them to the man behind the glass, he informed us that our marriage license indicated that we wouldn't be married until April 11th, 2010. wahoo for living in sin for six months. ha. so we immediately called the clerks office in utah and got it all straightened out... but it was humorous to us...

- grandma gave away about $40 worth of our food.
we moved out of grandmas house into our own apartment (finally. ha and it is GORGEOUS!!) and not even a week after we left, she had given away food that we had left behind (TEN POUNDS OF HAMBURGER... seriously now.. that stuffs expensive. ha. hot dogs, hot dog buns, and spaghetti sauce) to one of her other grandchildren. she insisted that they had left it, that it wasn't hers and it had to be theirs. Luckily we got it back... gotta love grandma!! :)

- Kenedi (the 3yr old i nanny for) says aggravating!
haha. it was one of her random schpeels where she was just going off and talking about absolutely nothing of importance and she went off about how in regular shoes she's a size 4 but in boots shes a size 5 and it is just so aggravating!!! hahahah not only was it absolutely adorable that she used the word but that she used it correctly in a sentence!! a few days later she did the same thing.. she was trying to button her pants and just couldn't do it and was about to start crying and just yelled "ahhhhh they are making me so aggravated!!" oh gotta love kids :)

so hope at least one of em made you smile in some way.

peace, love and cookiedough.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


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so much business.

we are moving into a new apartment on the 16th. it'll be pretty. ill post pictures later.

halloween was fun.

we've been spending tons of time with tk's family.

rachel (tk's sister) came out for a visit :)

ummm. we went grocery shopping the other day.

i fail at blogging.

peace, love, and cookiedough.

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