Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ohhhhh the bible belt.

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all around town, heck, all around the south I'm sure, there are TONSSSSS of baptist churches (amongst others, of course) and about 92% of all of these churches have sign boards out front to, or so you would think, post upcoming events, sermons, ect. But no, most often they are just there for someone to try and be funny or trying to sell something. But they almost always have something rather.... special on them. Sometimes its inspirational, and a very large part of the time its about a hot dog bake sale (don't ask me, i still don't understand why), but every once in a great while, i will drive passed (or past.. but i don't think so. idk. brandilyn? you'll correct me. ha) one, much like this one, that actually makes me smile. and this one is SOOOO down my alley.

I'm always thinking about what God is thinking as he watches us be idiots. He must get a kick out of all the mistakes we make (or at least I'm pretty sure he has a sense of humor because otherwise, he would've destroyed our species centuries ago)

but yeah. i got a kick outta this one.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whats New in Our Life

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Well after living in our apartment for 5 1/2 months.. we got an entertainment center!!! wahoooo. ha. and have actually began putting photos around. I came home one day to a beautifully CLEAN apartment (this is a big deal kids. our apt is usually a disaster.). Then TK took me on an IKEA date where we bought this awesome little number. We went home I and crashed. I woke up the next morning to a completely assembled entertainment center. Went to work and came home to stuff actually going up on the walls. Well it was just our charging/doc center slash white board slash key holder but all the pictures were waiting for my digression as to where to be put. OH! and a new lamp that we seriously needed because now the room actually can be lit to a normal brightness!! So yeah! how bouts all that?!

Pregnancy makes your hair come in really thick and grow super fast, supposedly. I'm not too sure about either at this point. I don't feel like my hair is getting all that long and as far as thickness goes, i've always had TONS of hair.. so I can't exactly say for certain whether either of these are true for me; however, i CAN say that I am sick of my blahh hair and am itching to get someone to take some scissors to it. This is what I am hoping to make my hair do-with the exception of the bangs. i don't want bangs all up in my face like that. but for the most part, this is it. oh and the color, i'm keeping my natural hair color. 1. cuz you're not supposed to use chemical dyes while pregnant and 2. because i love my natural color. (please pardon the fuzziness of the picture. It was a camera phone and I took a pic of a pic in a magazine. I'm sorry but I just couldn't bring myself to spend $6+ for just ONE picture out of a magazine) I wanna thin it out a bit, get some layers for a bit more structure and shape, and hopefully continue to grow it out.

hmm what else can i tell you. OH! I have taken up a new hobby. Sidewalk chalk art!! Gosh. I love being able to be a kid again. So many memories and SO MUCH STINKING FUN!!!! hahaha. its been GORGEOUS weather here for a while now and I have loved every moment of it!! Actually, after I finish all my post updates, I just may go out and use that beautiful pool of ours today!! (yes, the weather has been awesome but its just now beginning to make that pool thermometer rise if ever so slightly... So we'll see.) But yes. this is my dinosaur. and i love him. and i really hope it doesn't rain this weekend so that i can see him when i go back to work on monday. (yes i did this with my nanny girls. duh. c'mon now!)

Speaking of which, HOW CUTE ARE THEY!?!?!? I mean seriously. Doesn't that just make you smile? so adorable.

Anywho. That's all I have for now.

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.

The Infamous Baby Bump

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alright alright alright. So I am definately not one to enjoy posting pictures like this. I'd always see pregnant women post pictures of their belly and it just seems so odd to me. even still. but everyone keeps requesting them and this blog is more private than facebook so i guess.. here it is.

this is me at 24 weeks (5 1/2 months) At the point the average baby would weigh more than a mango and be a little over 11 inches long.

and this is me at 6 months (not much later but i swear he doubled in size over the weekend prior!!) Here our little guy is about 13 1/2 inches long from head to heals. (a little bit bigger than your average rutabaga--whatever vegetable that is.)

So there you all have it. My baby bump. And I will try to keep up to date on taking pictures of my tummy regardless of how odd it may be for me, i do it because i love you all. ha.

Peace, love, and Cookiedough.

Oopsie Daisies.

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Ok. So apparently I lied to you all on my last blog entry. But I didn't mean to, I swear. I went out to buy the materials for the bedding (my awesome sister-in-law is making our bedding!!!) and fell in love with this fabric instead.

I got a plain brown for accent as well as a green (but it has a little bit of white detailing on it) and an accent pattern that matches this one to the T. The whole idea of the nursery is just kinda falling into my lap right now.. i found these lamps at IKEA

and for a while now TK has already had picked out his son's birthday present from Daddy... betchya'd never guess what it could be.... yupp. a yoshi. but IT even kinda matches the theme so it all just works out so perfectly!!!

So yeah, that's the plan thus far.. I can't do TOO much cuz right now we're still in our 1-bed apt and have no nursery so I need to wait till we move before getting TOO much stuff. ha

but yeah, there it is :) I'm so incredibly excited!!!!

Peace, Love and Cookiedough.

Monday, April 12, 2010


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this is the inspiration for the baby's nursery. now i just have to find stuff to make it happen. oh and cheap. yeah. that.

peace. love. and cookiedough.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunny in North Carolina

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The past week has be simply beautiful!!! I have LOVED the spring (summer-worthy) weather that has finally rolled in. The pollen, however, can kiss it.

I walked out to my car the other morning and it looked as though a giant dust storm had rolled through. My car was coated in a heavy layer of YELLOW!!! You'd think I hadn't washed my car in MONTHS! I just bought the thing a week earlier!! It used to be all shiney but now... yuck.. and my poor husband has the worst allergies I've ever seen!!! He has to be cooped up inside at all times and even when i come home from being outside with my girls, i have to change clothes immediately due to the pollen that has settled on them. He's so horribly allergic and I feel just heartbroken about it. I hate seeing him like that- it just sucks. Who wants to stay inside all day long when its so freaking GORGEOUS outside?!?!?!? Luckily Singular used to work WoNDERS for him in the past when he was here for the summers... we just need to get health insurance so that we're not paying $200 for the Dr. visit and even more for the actual perscription... HOPEFULLY we'll get that done VERY soon.. and then all will be good again!! haha

This Summer, i hope to be able to go camping once, go hiking a time or two, go to the beach, go swimming in that beautiful, inviting pool every single change I get. (Thats right! Everyone look out for the beached whale I'm coming in!!) and explore this new state that I am in. I love being in a new area but I hate not knowing what's around me and not experiencing it all. So hopefully we'll be able to get out and do some of these things!! I love the summer, the temperature, the vitamin D, the greenery... (given i'm saying all of this now but you just wait, in a month or two I'll blog about how much I just want the fall to be here, how its too hot or too humid and my hot flashes are killing me... blah blah blah.. but i digress..)

** Subject Change **

I am currently 23 weeks and a few days along and my little guy is about the size of a mango!! He's 11ish inches long and had a very strong, loud, heartbeat!! He's moving a lot, especially before bed. People have started to notice my little belly bump coming in.. hahaha. its so funny to see different peoples reactions.. even people who KNOW that i'm pregnant still feel like they have to tip toe around it "just in case" as to not offend me and my stomach. Our bishop the other day, i swear he had his entire foot in his mouth and he was just trying to say that i was beginning to show but immediately was regretting saying anything (why i do not know.. i'm quite proud of my little bump :) it makes me happy to know he's getting bigger..) now if someone were to try and talk to me about my feet beginning to swell (which luckily they haven't started yet..) I just might to slap a hoe. hahaa. but seriously. having cankles... definately not something i look forward to.

I'm just in a good mood and happy to have beautiful weather and a healthy baby on the way!! and so instead of rambling any more.. i shall end.

peace, love, and cookiedough.

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