Friday, September 24, 2010


HEY EVERYONE!! --It's me, Aiden. My mom left her laptop running while she ran to the bathroom and I just had to log in and tell you what's REALLY going on here! I must hurry--I don't have much time!--So if I misspell or have bad grammar, gimme a break (oh yeah, that, and I'm 7 weeks old...)

Alright. Now, for starters, you've got my dad (or as some of you know him, TK) Now don't get me wrong, from what I've seen, he's a pretty decent fellow. I mean, he'll play with me... oh and he'll nag mom to death for her to feed me when he knows that I'm getting hungry... and (so far) he hasn't hung my upside-down by my feet or tied me to the ceiling fan (he says that I'm too small for that -- thank goodness!!) but seriously man!! Can't you find a new place to put those dang sunglasses?! They're always right in my face and poking out my eyes and such! You're killin' me here, smalls!

OH! And then, there's my mom! Now I know what you all must be thinking, 'Aiden, she's your mother, she carried you for 9 long months, delivered you, and now keeps you alive,' I know, seriously, she tells me ALL THE TIME!!! But you guys don't know what it's like!!! This picture is completely typical of her!! Do you see this abuse?! I am CLEARLY the victim in this picture and all she ever does is mock me!! She's always pickin' on me and making fun of the way I cry... oh, and don't even get me started on the obscene amount of pictures she takes!! Seriously, she's givin me epilepsy with that flash photography crap! Like this one of us about to go on a walk. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some walks, and especially in this sweet lil' set up we got goin here, but did we RELALY need a picture of it? For serious...

And they're even worse togehter!! I feel so.... so used around them!! Dad's always using me to try and scare mom!! He'll totally interrupt my gym workout (no respect for my nice, ripped biceps...)and kidnap me from my play gym while she's in the other room so that she'll have a panic attack when she comes back and I'm gone. Or he'll take me and hide in eerie, poorly lit corners and wait for the perfect moment to jump out and scare her!!

Oh and mom's not all sweet and innocent, she is JUST as bad. Whenever she's mad at dad or wanting to "get even" with him... she'll use ME as a punishment!! ME! Her own son... Yeah, that's right guys--diaper duty!! Seriously.. Sometimes I can't decide if this is a punishment for Dad or me.. I mean... c'mon now mom, what'd I do wrong?!

Why else do you think I'm so nice to all of our guests?!?! Oh yeah, I totally put on my cute face and cuddle up to them all adorable-baby-like and love on them, and coo & smile at them, and never, EVER cry when they're holding me because one day... one day social services is going to come busting in here and take me away from this place and when that day comes i gotta be sure that one of these nice people is gunna take me in!!! -- i just hope that day comes soon..

But in the mean time, I'll try to continue hacking into mom's blog and giving you updates on what's REALLY going on. Please keep me in your prayers. Come visit often, I beg of you... they seem to act a lot better when other people are around.. (heck, they even clean up around here when we're going to have company!!)

Oh crap!! Mom's out of the shower!! I gotta run... time to work on those biceps...
Peace, love, and drool

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  1. ha ha ha ha! This was hilarious! I'm sure Aiden will look back on this and be super embarassed by you... haha


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