Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Card

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Day 30: I am grateful for Christmas.

Christmas is hectic and full of pressure and responsibilities and deadlines and angry shoppers and horrible drivers and bad weather and cold and.....

A wonderful spirit of Christ and giving and love and peace. A time for family and reflection and church and Christ and forgiveness and the atonement and happiness. I love Christmas and I am excited to teach my son what it is really about and focus on Christ and His birth and why He came to earth and His purpose.

And with that, my 30 day challenge comes to an end! I have truly been impressed as to all the blessings in which I have--I am so grateful for ALL that I have been given and that I still have the chance to give back. I love my LIFE!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Hand Full

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Day 28: I am grateful for chaos. I've spent 2 days babysiting 2 boys in addition to Aiden. I've babysat these boys before and they're awesome! We always have fun but it's always hectic. And I love the practice!! It gives me a sense of what it would be like if we were to have any more kids... it's a learning experience and it definitely keeps me on my toes!

Day 29: I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry. I am grateful for my son's cry.

It means he's breathing. He is alive and alert. This is all I am coming up with.

I'm sure it'll sink in soon....

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Sister

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Day 27: I'm grateful that Shauna's surgery went well-now i just wish she felt better! Can't wait to be there-5days:)

I'm sorry. I've been up since 6 and babysat 2 boys in addition to Aiden not taking ANY nap. This is all I've got although it is a HUGE gratitude!! I love my sister beyond reason and am so grateful for all that she is in my life. She's one of my very best friends, my only living sister, and the closest thing to a mom I have on this earth. She means the world to me and I'm just her sister, she's an even better wife and mother.

So I guess, in addition to the original, I am grateful for Shauna. I am grateful for the constant example she is to me and the life that she has led. She is an amazing person and I love her entirely!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa's Shopper

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Day 26: I am grateful for budgeting.

Now I know that it is never fun to HAVE to budget, believe me, I KNOW. But I am grateful for the opportunity to learn. Its a good skill to have and it makes me practice restraining myself; which, lets me honest, is hard to do. So here I am, all done with Christmas shopping. Got the grandparents, TK, Aiden, and even all of the name exchange presents and my grand total? Less than $100!! OH YEAH, I ROCK!!!!! Haha, I am quite proud of myself :)

We are SOOOOO excited for Aiden's 1st Christmas!! It's going to be so nice having a baby in the house!! I realize he won't actually know what's going on or ever remember it or even be able to open his own presents, but it'll be fun for us anyway!! His "big" gifts are a Bat and Wobble Penguin--
inflatable, this playful penguin bops back and forth when baby bats it, rewarding actions with plenty of silly musical fun. Music, sounds and 3, count them.. 1...2...3!colorful bouncing balls inside will "invite" him to play again and again, encouraging physical development. He's also getting a Move and Crawl Ball stimulates gross motor movement and should catch his attention with the colors and lights to cause him to want to crawl after it. And its colorful buttons teach numbers, shapes, animal names and sounds!! (did i sell ya on them????? ha)

So yeah, other than needing to wrap things still, WE'RE SET! Bring it on Christmas!! We've got some memories to be makin!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Monday, December 20, 2010

What's that word again?

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Day 25: Is grateful for the true meaning of Christmas.

I don't know about any of you, but when writing a lot I enjoy using short hand. And this includes the occasional "xmas" Now, I realize that some people may be "offended" at the term. Some say that it takes the Christ out of Christmas (which, technically, that is exactly what it does) but that is NEVER how I meant it. I was just lazy, not blasphemous.

But today I was out doing a little Christmas shopping and as I drive from point A to B I don't mind listening to a few Christmas songs... Welp a commercial came on in between songs (ya all i have in my car is radio and I HATE commercials but wasn't paying enough attention to change stations) anywho. So this commercial is on telling you that you can get all your christmas shopping done at one spot.. or i think they said holiday but whatever. So everything you need, right there bladdy bladdy blah and at the very end they specifically said "_________. for all your "giftmas" shopping!!"

Now like I said, I use the occasional Xmas, I don't mean to take Christ away. But GIFTmas?! Really?! Talk about putting the emphasis on the WRONG part of Christmas. Its not about the presents, or what you get, or who can get the best present for susie--Its about the birth of our savior.

I've been stressing this in Music Time at church for a couple of weeks now, but its sad to see that its not just the children that get wrapped up in the "i want i want i want i want i want"

And now, the even the adults are giving in.

So yes, today, I am grateful that I know the true meaning of Christmas and that my family has always stressed it and so has TK's family. And that together, we can teach our children.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visitors Welcome

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Day 24: I am grateful for the gospel and the light that it brings into my life.

Today was a beautiful day at church. We got there JUST after the opening hymn (this means it was a very good morning... and it darn well shoulda been seeing as how I stayed up late getting EVERYTHING together in the car, the diaper bag was packed and all of my primary props were waiting.. no car loading necessary) Aiden didn't want to eat this morning when he got up though so he was stuck with a bottle on the drive. ANYWHO. Had to be on time because my primary kids were singing in the Christmas program and I love the Christmas program! THEN we went on to primary where I had a lesson prepared and everything went very smoothly--i love singing with those kiddos!! And then I even got to enjoy a beautiful lesson in Relief Society... Now I don't always get to go to relief society because sometimes I get hung up with primary or Aiden, but when I do, I have actually began to enjoy it. (I used to hate the fact that I was in Relief Society, I always felt so uncomfortable--but now I have friends and LOVE listening to the lessons and feel so much more like I belong).

And that was our sabbath thus far. Aiden is nappin so I figured now would be the only chance I had to blog. So there it is, nothing too special, but it is to me.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

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Day 23: I am grateful to be home in this nasty weather.

I am grateful that we have a home to live in. I am grateful that we are warm. I am grateful for that heating bill every month because it means that we didn't freeze to death. I am grateful for soup and hot chocolate (not together cuz thats gross) that makes my insides even feel warm. And I am grateful for snuggling because it too helps keep me warm!! :)

Today I had to get up early with Aiden and take him to a friends (thanks Yiselle!!) So she'd watch him while I went and helped at a primary activity. It was Drop n Shop where the parents ditched the kids and ran around to get some christmas shopping done. It went pretty well but when I was headed to get Aiden it began to snow--a lot. Big flakes comin down fast and freezing to the road. Oh and then after a sheet of snow came the sleet. Yay for frozen roads. So we didn't get to visit with Yiselle and had to dash back home!! At home, Aunts Janel and Rebekah had spent the night ... so we had to call Angela and Tom to come and get them (they actually have a car with 4-wheel drive) so I made waffles for everyone while Aiden took a nap!

After everyone left I tried to snag a few zz's while Aiden was still zonked but he woke up just 20 min after I fell asleep--bummer. But TK has work tonight (roads permitting) and hopefully Aiden and I will get to fall asleep early tonight!!

Welp, my time with my boy has been pretty limited today so I am going to go and spoil him with attention!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Perfect Happiness; Great Joy

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Day 22: I am grateful for bliss.

My life right now is just that, pure bliss. Now don't get me wrong, we have our downs just like everyone else, but it is the fact that in spite of those downs we're still up. No matter what hits us, we've still got it good. We're still happy--immensely happy! Even writing this (at 8 am after being up over an hour and having slept far less than necessary for proper function) I look over at this baby boy staring up at me (trying to steal the camera from where it is plugged in--sporting a guilty grin) and I am overjoyed at being a mom.

This is just a quick glimpse into my life. Now I know its not a perfect life, because no one has a perfect life, but in my mind it is. In my mind, this is sheer perfection. I love it, I love them, and I love that I am a part of this beautiful life.

(so apparently the video is too big for blogger, so you'll have to click on the link)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cleaning Party

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Day 21: I am grateful for motivation to clean my house.

Yesterday, I had the urge to zone out life, plug up my ears with the musical talents of GLEE and CLEAN HOUSE!!! I vacuumed, moved around clutter, did dishes, washed windows and mirrors, swept, mopped, cleaned the toilet, counters, ECT!!!!

Its not often that I get into the cleaning mood, and quite frankly it's normally because its too cold to go out and run (my usual outlet). But I am at least grateful that my house is cleaner. It was needed. And still has a long way to go (my room and aiden's nursery in particular).

I guess I also should be grateful that the lack of sleep i got last night has taught me a valuable lesson about bedtime....

I'm also grateful for a husband who loves me despite me. In my moods, its hard to know how to handle me. So he always proceeds with caution and always tries to get me to smile. Upon walking in on me (without my knowlege) in the midst of "SAFETY Dance" and my epic dance moves, he just jumped right in behind me (startling me) but joining in nonetheless.

I love my husband. I love how he always makes me so much happier, no matter what. He can always bring a smile to my face.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SCHOOLS OUT (for some of us longer than others)

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Day 20: I am grateful for not having to take finals.

All these facebook status updates show tons of people killing themselves over finals!! All the stress and fear and worry.. I remember it well. But I am so glad that at this point in my life, I don't have finals added to the mix. I don't need or want the extra stress in which it provides.

But at least some people have found their sanity through it all :

"You know you're a senior when you use the weekend before finals to play video games instead of studying... :)"

Peace, love and cookiedough

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas from Childhood

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My memory is pretty bad, but I do remember a few family Christmas traditions...

- Building a fort to sleep in on Christmas Eve
- Mom reading the Polar Express on Christmas Even
- BIG Christmas breakfast
- Grandma and Grandpa spending the night
- Santa's presents and stockings in one room and other presents in room with tree
- Santa's presents were never wrapped (normally too big)
- Paper Chain Countdowns
- Lay-a-way (mom would always take us all out christmas shopping and put EVERYTHING on layaway and say, "now this is just so dad and I can come back later and choose a few things to get you..." but somehow I always remember getting everything I wanted... I don't know how she did it... its not like we always had that much...)
- Promise Rings on the Christmas Eve after your 14th B-day
- Homemade Turtles, Snickers, and Sugar Cookies
- The Calendar Countdowns with Chocolate behind the punchouts
- Pajamas on Christmas Eve
- Participating in the "giving tree" at church
- Stocking Boxes with the Weltz's and the Towns... -- Jody and Brandi hopefully know what I'm talking about
- Nick eating like 3 pumpkin pies

or... well.. i guess they weren't ALL traditions because they didn't ALWAYS happen every year....our family was always changing and adding new things... but oh well.. some memories... but thats all i got...

anyone else have traditions?? i know you do and we need some ideas!! I haven't decided what to carry over and what to start or anything yet... and I guess i kinda need to get on that....

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Filling in the Gaps

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So I have been slacking, I know. If I don't get my blogging done first thing in the morning then the possibility of it getting done at all goes down about 90%. But luckily, Aiden took an early nap today and I remembered that I had some blogging to do. So here I am. Needing to catch up. (and maybe make up for a few days that weren't given as much attention as they deserved.

Day 18: I am grateful for no body robbing us blind or murdering us last night.

When we arrived home last night, it was BITTER cold outside (at least for here) and so we were HURRYING inside with arm-fulls of crap from the car and Aiden and in the hustle and bustle of trying to get into the heated house, i left my keys dangling in the doorknob. So i am glad that no one tried to break in because they definitely would have succeeded.

Day 19: I am grateful for TK's new job! Much better benefits, less stress (for all of us), better pay, better hours, and I am just so stinking proud of my husband!! Job hunting is probably one of my least favorite things and I know it is definitely one of his but he stuck to it, even in this crummy economy, and got an AWESOME job!!! I am so happy and much more relaxed!!

Some other things I've been grateful for are... (since some of my entries have been a little "short and sweet")

Visiting teaching. I know I haven't always been the best at it but now that I am finally getting in the swing of it I have come to appreciate it so much! I love the sisters that I visit and my visiting teachers. I am so grateful to be a part of it, on both ends. I am grateful for the blessings and friendships that I have gained.

Precious Cargo. Ever since moving to North Carolina my driving has improved. Now I'm not saying I'm a master behind the wheel or anything (I mean c'mon, I'm still female) but I began getting a lot more cautious. And then I got pregnant and my caution went up even more. And now that I have that cute little one as my back-seat copilot, I can't help but go the speed limit (or even catch myself going a few under), coming to complete stops, and triple checking all of my mirrors.

Primary. I love singing time in primary. I love my calling as Jr. Primary Chorister and I love those little ones. They are so full of life and joy and innocence (even when they're being stinkers!). They're precious and I love it when I walk down the halls and get tons of "Hi, Sister Sheppard!!"'s. They're adorable and make my sabbath even more enjoyable!

Christmas Cards. We don't have the money to put into postage or anything to send out a Christmas card, but I plan on doing one via facebook this year. But I love receiving others' and getting all caught up on everyone's lives.

Ummm. I think I'm done for now.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Girls Night Out

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Day 17: I am grateful for time away from my boys.

It teaches me strength. Strength that I will need when I go back to school. So to take short breaks now, I build up my ability to be able to not be at home with them all the time.

But I need to be honest, it was hard! I had a great time, don't get me wrong. Katie and I went to her company Christmas party. There was AMAZING food!!! and we danced and hung out and had a blast. I only called home twice and texted a few times but it KILLED me to know that Aiden would already be asleep by the time I got home, I just wanted so badly to go in and pick him up and snuggle him!!

But these baby steps are good and will help me for when i DO go back to school... Gahh that'll be so hard. I'll probably cry... Stupid Mommy hormones.

But I am so glad that Katie invited me. Not only did it prove that I could do it, but I had a TON of fun doing it!! She's a great date!! I'm bummed that I didn't take any pictures!!

I love my family and i LOVE spending time with them--regardless of what we're doing. I just enjoy their company :)

Peace Love and CookieDough

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching Up

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Days 14, 15, and 16: I am grateful that my days have been so hectic that I haven't been able to blog. Instead, I have been spending wonderful time with my little family. We've Christmas shopped and hung out and played games and decorated the house, and had surprises and just enjoyed being with one another. That's all I have for now. Got a busy weekend ahead too.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like CHRISTMAS

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Day 13: I am grateful that TK worked tonight.

I hate that he was gone but because he was, I was able to go out and get.. drum roll please... A CHRISTMAS TREE!!! And now I have to bring it in the house and hide it in the storage room because I'm going to try and set it up tomorrow morning before he gets up... ((its a good thing he never reads my blog or else he'd seriously ruin his surprise!! I love that TK and I are just starting out and that practically everything in which we own was acquired by donation or bought 2nd hand. I love that we're "livin the american dream" and trying so hard to make it. I am grateful for all of the little breaks we get and all of those that help us along. I am so grateful to be grateful for so much!!! I love our ghetto collection/lack of furniture.

But yes. That is what I am thankful for today. And, of course, Katie, who set the whole thing up. She located a tree in need of a home and took me out there to get it!! And also donated some lights to decorate it with!! Such a sweetheart!!! And I love her dearly.

So. that's day 12. and i am tired. g'nite!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

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Day 12: I love competing TK for Aiden's attention. I love battling him. I love how much Aiden laughs at his daddy and I love trying to make him laugh just as hard. I love making a fool of myself and doing thee STUPIDEST things -- anything just to get a glimpse of those AMAZING dimples!!!

Oh and that LAUGH!! Ahhh. We STILL need to get a video of that amazing laugh!! It's so hard to capture it because he is so EASILY distracted by the camera. But I love it. And while I know that he loves us both equally, its good to try and beat the other one.. keeps us on our game and always trying to be better!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Playin Hookie

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Day 11: I am grateful for skipping a day on my challenge.

Yesterday was a great day. Aiden and I woke up, hung out, went to a friends, he got a bit fussy but slept great on the way home! We cleaned the kitchen and Dad came home from work just in time for dinner!! Then Aiden went to bed and TK and I watched Harry Potter! It was a wonerful day.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Free Will

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Day 10: I am grateful for conflict.

noun |ˈkänˌflikt|
a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one

Conflict doesn't HAVE to mean an argument. It is simply a disagreement. Disagreements can bring forth lots of opportunity. Opportunity to see an idea from someone else's perspective, to learn more about another's beliefs or views. It brings for opportunity for civilized debate and heathly growth.

Unfortunately, conflict can also bring out the worst in people even to the point of arguing simply to win.

But nonetheless. I am grateful that we can all have our own opinions and express them freely. I am grateful that I have my own free will to make my own decisions and that it is Christlike for others to not judge those decisions.

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.

Oh. And I am also grateful that my husband turned down attending a seminar all day to be able to take his family, who he's barely seen all week due to work, to church. And that he was there to spend time with us, learn of God and Christ, and help me out with Aiden while I taught God's children music.

Yes. I am grateful for TK and the decisions he makes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Fork in the Road

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Day 9: I am grateful for needing to make important decisions.

I am grateful for the chance to have to make a hard decision because it gives me the chance to rely on my Father in Heaven for direction. I can weigh all of the pros and cons until my fingers bleed but it is all going to come down to what is right for us--what God wants me to do. I have the wonderful opportunity to pray and fast and depend on the Lord for guidance.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet a family for a possible job. Whether I get this job will depend on whether we click and whether I take it will depend upon what the spirit tells me to do. If I get the opportunity to accept this job, a decision will need to be made. Should I take the job and get some money now, or should I take some classes part time.

Classes are in the evening (full-time spots are already full) and TK's mom is willing to watch Aiden whenever TK is working and can't. But Aiden wouldn't be with me and I wouldn't be getting any money and I am totally ignorant as to how grants/financial aids work and if part time students even qualify.

Work would be EARLY (Aiden and I would have to leave the house by 6:30 at the latest). We'd work for a few hours, take the girl to preschool, have 4 hours to run errands and then pick her up and have 4 hours until her parents got home. It'd bring in a little bit of money each week--money that we need.

But I just don't know which I am supposed to do. Luckily tomorrow is fast sunday and hopefully TK and I, together, can find an answer from our Heavenly Father as to what would be best for our family right now.

Please keep us in your prayers and wish us luck as this decision is kinda stressing me out and I truly want to make the right choice.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

"If you want to make god laugh, tell him your plans"

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Day 8: I am grateful for learning to be flexible and going with the flow.

I am a planner. I love making lists, (to do, dreams, shopping, wish, honey-do, ect.) planning out each hour of everyday, budgeting, and finding a system to my madness. BUT. Despite all the lists I make, it is still just that, MADNESS.

I want to finish school, we run out of money. I want to do the dishes but we don't have soap. We plan a date night, but can't get a babysitter. We change it to family night, TK has to work late. We want to wait a couple years, my birth control fails.

I can plan all I want, but in the end, God will do whatever He sees fit. But it keeps my life spontaneous. I am grateful for needing to improvise on date nights-turns out I enjoy family nights JUST as much and who cares if its just catching daddy on his 30 min break, thats THRITY MINUTES!! And the dishes can wait, this means I get to catch up on one of my shoes. School? It'll happen, I have faith, I just need to keep having it. And the birth control, common, you ALL know I LOOOOOVVVEEEE our little .01%


Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Worth a Thousand Words

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Day 7: I am grateful for photography.

Yeah yeah yeah, so in my original list I noted "My Camera/Pictures" But seriously. I am grateful for the art of photography. (not to say that my pictures are "art" but still) I am grateful that photography is possible. That we are able to capture the most important moments in our lives and have a memory to hold onto forever. I am grateful that I was able to capture THESE moments.

Plotting revenge on the boys for messing with my phone!

On our way downtown to celebrate GRADUATION! Class of 2007

Hanging out and getting ready before going out

Before the Graffiti party

The last day of High School - The Famous 3xCD

Me and the girls in Kansas City doing some shopping and fine dining!! :)

Ali and Me in the boys' dorm at UNO -- our "twin" shot--she almost killed herself with a cotton candy maker that night.

Best memories ever are at BAJIO--oh and from dating the man of my dreams

Our engagement pictures

I love him so much!

The evening before the wedding this picture seriously captures our excitement and nerves and love and joy!!

WAHOOOO for our wedding day!!! I can't believe how long its been!! And yet eternity awaits!

Another shot on our wedding day

HONEYMOON AT LAKE TAHOO!!! Such beautiful scenery!! I love it there!

Our sealing in the Jordan River Temple in Utah.

Getting in a trip to the beach at 36 weeks pregnant!! It was a beautiful "baby moon"-a wonderful vacation before we truly became parents!

The birth of my first son, Aiden. I couldn't believe he was finally here!!!

Nap time with daddy!!! --just a few weeks old they were BOTH very tired!!

hahahahah this picture makes me laugh out loud every time i see it!! I can't believe i took the picture at JUST the right moment!!!!

hahaha. poor kid. so picked upon and tortured.

Aiden. This picture reminds me of the boy off "where the wild things are" so here is OUR little WILD THING

Aiden is always such a comfort to us, no matter how bad things get, he makes it all better!

Cousins playing together!! I can't wait till they can really get to know each other!

His eyes are gorgeous!! I love this kid more than words can describe!!

And here we are, in pure bliss! My little family.

Just a FEW pictures to recap the last 4 years or so... (seriously, those are very few compared to all in which i have on file!!!) I love my pictures and the art of photography or even the science of it. whoever invented the camera-you rock!!! And thank you, for YOU I am super duper grateful!!!!

Peace, Love, and (of COURSE) CookieDough

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Zzzz Waves

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Day 6: I am grateful for Naptime!

I am grateful for those days when my son takes a nap. Either it provides time for me to be able to accomplish a lot, OR it provides me with a beautiful nap myself. Its funny how as we grow up we never want naptime when we're supposed to take it but when we don't have it anymore we long for it! I hate when I can nap, and WANT to nap, but just can't seem to fall asleep!!! But the bottom line is natime rocks.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Portraits

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So on our budget, we can't just go out and pay someone to take our pictures, so here are some shots that I doctored and LOVE.

Aiden. OUR little WILD THING

His eyes are gorgeous!! I love this kid more than words can describe!!

And here we are, in pure bliss! My little family.


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Day 5: I'm grateful for the generosity of others.

Story: For a while the a friend of mine, Jeanette, has been wanting to give me her children's old outdoor playhouse but hasn't had a way to get it to us (too big for our cars).

So her neighbor, also a friend of ours, offered to deliver it in their truck. Well, while trying to coordinate with the Lisa (owner of the truck) she told me that her husband Craig wanted to bring it by today and was going to drop it off after he dropped off their old dryer at the salvation army but since they S.A. wouldn't take it, it was going to take longer for him to drive home, unload, and then come over. My response, "Your trying to get rid of your dryer?! Does it work!?" Lisa, "Yeah! It's awesome I just wanted a big one, we've had it for so long and its never given us trouble!" ME, "We'll take it off your hands!!!!"

So in one day we scored a free dryer and a free playhouse for Aiden to play in not too far off from now! SWEET! I am so grateful to the Payton's and the Smokstad's for being there for us and helping us out!!

It also got me to thinking about others that have been very generous.

Jeanette has given us so many hand-me-down toys!! Some that Aiden currently enjoys and others that he'll love when he's old enough!!

Katie is always offering her baby-sitting services and not to mention that bouncer that she has lent us that was a TOTAL life saver!!!

Oh and I couldn't ever forgive myself if I didn't mention Jeff and James!! They found us a dinning room table that we still have to transport over here!! They're always there for us to help rig up a swing or even take us out for lunch or dinner!! They spoil us rotten and are such great friends--they're always willing to help!!

TK's family is also really good about watching Aiden when TK and I are both in need of working on projects (such as moving) or even just a date night!

Not to mention all of the people that gave us clothes!! (I still have yet to have to buy Aiden any clothing.) Yay for hand-me-downs!!!

We have so much to be grateful for!! I love my friends and family. I have such a great support system. I know so many people that I can rely on and for that I couldn't be more grateful!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


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Day 4: I am grateful for new traditions.

SO... I can't remember too many traditions that I had growing up.. and TK doesn't really have a lot he wanted to carry over either. And for the first year of marriage, traditions weren't really all that important to us seeing as how we are lazy and Aiden had yet to arrive.

BUT THE GAME HAS BEEN CHANGED!!! Aiden IS here and we need to start up some family traditions.

So this year, we purchased our first tree. It is probably 18" tall and sits on our table. We have a few decorations and I made some snowflakes out of paper (we. are. cheap.) ha. And below the tree is several slips of blank paper, a pen, and a bowl. This is our "giving" tree. When feeling loving, we can go and write something on a slip of paper and address it to someone. It can be a word of encouragement, love, a coupon for something, or a thankyou. We fold it up and write the person's name on the outside. And then come christmas morning, it will be the first things we open. So whether or not there are toys and clothes under the tree, there will always be gifts :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Children's Music

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Day 3: I am grateful for my calling as Jr. Primary Chorister.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord as well as all of the tiny souls at my church. They are so full of strength and innocence AND ENERGY!!! I love that I have to be so creative and i Love that I know that the Lord will help me find the strength AND ENERGY to keep up with them and get it all done in order to teach his children these beautiful songs.

Today is my Preperation day. I have to go to hobby lobby and pick up whatever props are needed for my lesson tomorrow! I can't wait -- I had something planned out for last week but failed at the follow through because Aiden and I both got sick. He had a ridiculously high fever and in addition to being ridiculously stressed about him, my throat was killin me. So luckily I have the opportunity to try again this week, and the next, and the next, and so on. Hopefully they'll enjoy it!!

Some friends of ours got married yesterday and we have their reception today!! I'm so excited! Hopefully Aiden lets us enjoy it :) ha. But I'm sure he'll be off our hands pretty quickly after we walk in the door -- he always is... Its actually kinda hard to keep tabs on him.

Today marks ONE MONTH on the countdown to OUR TRIP TO UTAHHH!!! I cannot wait to see my family!! To show off my bundle of joy to his aunts and uncles for the first time!! YAYYYY. I am so thrilled and its going to be so much fun!! (and i've already located some babysitters for TK to make sure he doesn't get too lonely and always has something to keep him busy) ha. But seriously, it's gunna be hard to be away from him for so long.... but i know it'll be worth it. I miss my family so much!! Can NOT wait.

Welp. Time to eat my oatmeal, fix my hot chocolate to-go, and get Aiden all set for our field trip to HOBBY LOBBY!!
Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello Sunshine

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DAY 2: I am grateful for Early Mornings.

No, I am NOT talking about waking up at o'dark thirty and going to the mall for BLACK FRIDAY. I am talking about the opportunity that I get EVERY morning to wake up at o'dark thirty and spend time with my precious son. We get to play together and bond and snuggle ANNND I feel as though I am a lot more productive throughout the day when I wake up early. yes I feel old when night time comes and I am in bed earlier than mosst, but it is SOOO worth it!

Seriously the cutest alarm clock I have EVER had.. not to mention RELIABLE!!! Every morning, without fail, I am up!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Thanksgiving Challenge

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So this thanksgiving has been difficult. As I'm sure it is for most people. While it was beautiful and enjoyable... I found myself being bitter at the fact that some of the things I am thankful for weren't on my list this year.. Times are hard and my stress level is high. So then I found myself being bitter for being bitter.

So I gave myself a challenge. I set the timer for 3 minutes. And in this three minutes I was to write down all of my blessings that came to me on the top of my head. If at any point in that 5 minutes I was to come to a complete road block, the list was to end.

((My List))

1. TK
5. dad
step family
10. grandparents
15. My childhood
date nights
20. game nights
family nights
the gospel
25. my car
my boppy
aiden's bedding
my bed
my computer
30. my memories
my camera/pictures
nieces and nephews
eternal perspective
35. warm weather
modern medicine
food on the table--esp when i don't have to make it
aiden's smile and giggles
40. my health
the health of those i love
the simple pleasures in life like hot chocolate and thunderstorms

--and time.--total=43

However, THIS was NOT the challenge. The challenge begins now and goes for, at least, the next 30 days. Each day, I am to find something new to be thankful for. Preferably something that I am usually ungrateful for (find something good within the bad).

Day 1: I am thankful for learning how to be dependent upon someone else.

I have been given an opportunity to give up total control and have someone else take care of me. I am grateful for a husband that supports me and loves me even when I am psychotically anal and controlling. And I am grateful that he has a job in these tough times even if it means he has to work on thanksgiving.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


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Ok. So clearly I am a little obsessed with a certain someone... and the father of a certain someone... and it shows. a lot. i know.

I also know that lots of people get on here to keep up to date on this certain someone and could really care less about me.

however, with this, i also know that some people may not care so much about a certain someone's smile or chunky thighs...

SO. Here we go.

Currently life has gotten to be pretty chaotic. I feel like I'm always going. Even sitting down on the couch to relax has it's hidden agendas. Grocery shopping has become my exciting adventure of the week (or month... depends..) and guaranteed quiet time is only between the hours of 9 pm and 3 am. (sometimes more.. again.. depends)

But life is moving and I am always adjusting. TK has been working AMC and oddjobs causing time together to be limited. But oh how I love that precious time!! We're getting very creative with "date nights" which are basically just glorified family relaxation time... but we hold hands on the couch so it TOTALLY counts!

TK and I are both looking at going back to school in the spring. --this is quite exciting and nothing is official yet. but we are very hopeful and nervous and so-on and so-forth. He would be going to get his degree in Web Design and I would be taking a whole new path toward cosemetology.

Its something I've always considered getting my license in (I think i've even posted about it before); something that i could fall back on and use for some extra cash..

But yeahhh... hopefully things will pan out and we'll finally be educated folk.

Welp. That's really all my updates for now. Sorry if I bore you. Sorry if I usually do. But it's my life :) and i LOVE it!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

Monday, November 8, 2010

I am NOT white trash!!!

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White trash!? WHITE TRASH!?!??!?!?! How RUDE!!!

So I snuck onto Mom's computer today to find her facebook account open. So I go perusing through her newly posted pictures (cuz who doesn't wanna see that cutie she's always doting over?!) And I come across THESE!!

And to make matters EVEN WORSE, they were captioned "hahahaha. either white trash or tommy pickles. ha" and "Milk Belly"

THE NERVE!!! I mean. HELLO!! YOU'RE the one that dresses (or rather, NEGLECTS to dress) me!! I can stick my thumb in my own mouth let alone acquire my wardrobe!! This is just insulting not to mention humiliating!! And MILK BELLY!?!? Psh. That is just baby fat! More to love MOM! I mean... you DO love me.. don't you!?

I can't even look at this anymore. I am cute gosh dangit! And if my parents can't dress me in clothes that accentuate that well then .... then... well i don't know yet i still need to learn how to crawl before I can run away.... arg. not cool mom. not cool at all!

Peace, love, and properly attired babies.

Our New Home

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Last month we moved into our new home. Its out in the middle of no where but it has tons of space, lots of yard, and we can grow into it. The house is 50+years old but its perfect for us right now. There is a small wish list of big items that we'd like to do to it.. such as renovate a master bathroom.. but that isn't a necessity yet, nor is it going to happen any time soon. But we're excited for all the memories that will come in this house!!!

This is the view from the road

This is just one portion of the backyard. Complete with swingset, picnic table, shed, and so much more!!!

There are flower beds all over the yard, front and back. I am considering taking up some yard work.. planting some flowers.. but its a lot of work.. we'll see if i can ever actually get around to it.

This is the giant garden that the family used to tend to. They actually lived off of this GIANT garden. They had EVERYTHING in it.. but its all covered in weeds and ten feet tall now.. a garden is WAYYY too much for me to tend to.. but who knows what'll come of it..

So. That's our place!! I'll post pictures of the inside if we ever get it worth displaying :)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Such a Rarity--Nap Time!

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It is SOOO difficult to get this little one to take a nap!! But when we ACTUALLY do, GOSH is he CUTE!!! Now don't get me wrong, he sleeps through the night--usually about 12 straight.. but during the day, a cat nap is the best we can hope for.. so cute!! The swing has been a total lifesaver for me--it allows me to get a few things done during the day!! HA.

Last night though, he had a really hard night. Went to bed late, and woke up several times. Poor kid was so exhausted that he actually laid down for a nap today!! Which means Mom gets to catch up on her blogging!! Woot woot. (and show off how cute Aiden is... again and again and again.)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

Family Game Night!!

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Last night we got to go hang out at Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard's house! We had a wonderful day and it was topped off with an awesome game night!! Such a great time! Good food, good people, good fun!

Playing Settlers of Catan

I just can't get enough of this boy!!!

Aiden psychin' out the competition! (he's very distracting)

The happy couple!

Chillin' with Grandma

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'RE YELLING ABOUT!!" --i love this picture! priceless.

I sure do love my boy!!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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