Friday, May 8, 2009

catching up

Ok. I have a TON of entries to actually POST ((I don’t get internet at work so normally I’ll write a blog on word and just copy and paste…)) and I keep forgetting to post them… So here they are.


Yesterday was an amazing day. Not because I got to stay home and lounge around all day, mainly because I didn’t, but because in between the salon and Friday’s, I got to go with my future husband to obtain a marriage license. It was so incredibly exciting and just one step closer to that magnificent day!!

While in the County Clerk’s office, there were signs posted everywhere to inform the newly engaged that “ALL SALES ARE FINAL—NO REFUNDS” and that they are “ONLY VALID FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS—NO EXCEPTIONS”. Well, I pointed them out to him and told him “if you bailed on me, you owe me fifty bucks. HECK! If you bail on me, you owe me a couple thousand dollars!” ((see, this is me joking around and trying to show him that I still don’t comprehend why he has chosen me….)) But TK doesn’t like this sense of humor and gets really irritated when I speak like this. But I really just don’t understand why he’s with me; I have issues. But I’m not going to go into all of the details about why he shouldn’t marry me because then he may put some extra thought into it and run, and this is the last thing in which I want to occur. So I will allow him to be in an ignorant bliss and I will marry him in sixteen days and we will live happily ever after ☺

So, it began to snow yesterday. And it’s still snowing today. This is not cool. It is almost April and there is plenty of snow covering a layer of ice outside. W.T.H. folks?!?! I’m just glad we’ve planned an indoor wedding. This stuff is just too sketchy for me.

OH OH OH!!! TK got a carrrr!!!! It’s a pretty 2006 white dodge neon!!!! ☺ I’m so stokeddd. I can’t wait to go cruising in it when there ISN’T inches of snow and ice all over the place!!


TK AND I ARE MARRIED!!! And I couldn’t be happier!!
We were married on April 11th of 2009 in Lehi amongst our closest friends and family! We are also going out to North Carolina next weekend where his family (my new family) is throwing us an Open House! I am so excited to see where he grew up and to be able to spend more time with my in-laws! They’re awesome :D

Our little apartment is becoming more and more “homey” and I love it!!! Well, except for our bedroom which still has yet to get any attention and therefore looks more like a storage unit that a place of Zen; but hopefully that’ll change sometime in the next week or two!! And it stinks because I have all of this motivation, but whenever I am actually at home, I find myself wanting to enjoy the rooms that are already put together and clean… who woulda thunk huh?

But its true, I do have a lot of motivation. I mean, planning a wedding requires determination, motivation, productivity? And yet have no way of releasing it!! I had the suggestions of creating the perfect home for my man and cooking nutritious meals for us so we don’t look like piglets… however. The perfect home for him consists of his laptop, maybe a new computer, and internet. So we have two out of the three and are working on the other. And cooking meals, unfortunately, I work M-F 8AM-2PM with a forty minute commute either way. And so he’s sleeping when I leave, and when I get home around 2:45PM, he is walking out the door to HIS job in which he works from 3:30-10PM with a forty minute commute each way. So we don’t get to see much of each other during meal times (or any other times for that matter) and I also work at TGI Fridays about 4 nights a week so I don’t even have many opportunities to cook for MYSELF either….

But hopefully one day that won’t be the case, and I’ll be able to only work one job and he will find a morning/day job and we’ll be home together in the evenings… hopefully!!

So. Basically. Anyone got any other ideas for me. Keep in mind, I DO have a busy work schedule. My largest amount of free time is ironically while I’m at work. I work (as most of you know if you’ve read previous blogs) at a tanning salon. Now, this is a very dull job. For example, today, about 20 people came in. That’s it. Mind you, they were spread out throughout my 6 hour shift and each one requires my attention for all of about 40 seconds. Oh, and the occasional phone call in which they are salespeople and I hang up on them.

SO! I have lots of free time there, but, I have no internet. SO!! I know I know, it’s a tough-y. But think hard people!! I need help. Hahaha I’m running out of ideas, I’ve already updated my calendar like 14 times, re-organized the budget and made it as thorough as I possibly could ((dates of every paycheck and bill due possible for the next several months and color coordination included)), cleaned out my purse and wallet, done my nails, learned how to and made a slideshow of me and my hubby, and written all of the thank you notes in which I believe I have to write before the Open House in North Carolina.

Now don’t go thinking I am some sort of horrible worker, I take my work very seriously. I always have. I strive to do my very best. But that is why I have to have projects to keep busy!! My boss even tells me so. She owns the place and HATES working here because she gets so bored. So, in order to not have employees drop like flies, she requests that they bring in their homework or a game or something to occupy them.

(And I already thought of online courses, except I don’t have internet. ☹ sadness I know.)

So! Your help would be loved and appreciated. Welp. Till next time.
Peace, Love, and Cookiedough!


So at my salon we have a very ghetto computer. And the CD player doesn’t work anymore, and so we are stuck listening, all day, everyday, to the stuff in which the little 15 year olds put on here back in 2005. So yeah. Really freaking annoying music that anyone would hate. I wanna shoot someone. So every chance I get, when the salon is empty of customers, I shut off the music and flip on my laptop to jam out to some Theory of a Deadman, Shinedown, Eminem, ect. All the music that I’d be reamed for if I played over the speaker system… haha.


Yesterday was a full day. I woke up in a panic to no alarm, no noise whatsoever actually (except the fan that TK has to have going to be able to sleep) but to my own sense of a problem. I immediately looked at my phone that I keep under my pillow ((have since I was a sophomore in High school)) and the blurry little numbers read 7:57. “HOLY CRAP ITS 8 O’CLOCK!!!” TK was woken by my oh so subtle display of terror and told me to call Afton (my boss of the place in which I work, the place in which I was supposed to OPEN at 8, and the place in which takes me 40+ minutes to get to!) I told her that I had completely slept through my alarm, never heard it, and that I had JUST woken up. She then decided to share a story with me as to how she was on vacation in California and couldn’t open the Salon either. I told her I was on my way.

So, without so much as brushing my teeth, I kissed my husband and ran out the door. Surprisingly, I didn’t speed any more than normal, I followed the quickest pace of traffic and yelled at myself the entire way. I got here at 8:30 and didn’t have any customers for about an hour. Now, I don’t know if I lucked out and everyone else just decided to sleep in that day too, or if they had all been here at 8 as usual and left when the didn’t see the OPEN sign illuminated in the window. Either way, I felt horrible. So I went the entire day, staring at the screen of our (GHETTO) computer, listening to retarded music, and did absolutely nothing to pass the time so that I could give all and any attention to that of the Salon.

After work, I went home where I saw my husband for all of about 3 minutes. I HATE our schedules!!! And began cleaning up our mess. I did the dishes and showered. I then took a break to relax for just a bit before going and picking up Jordan to hang out. (I met Jordan years ago in Omaha—she is my sanity.) We helped each other get through seminary, and more recently, the frustrations of BYU(-I). She is leaving this weekend to go back to Nebraska for the summer ((so jealous!!)) and then may go to Israel to study abroad. Needless to say, I was sad and we needed to chill. So I picked her up and with her by my side (sitting on the bed giving me emotional support from the sidelines) I began to clean up our room. Now, if any of you know me well, I am infamous for having a room that makes tornado hit establishments look orderly, that has some type of old food or drink on the nightstand (or even last nights Chinese food lying next to me in bed) anyways—ITS BAD. But this wasn’t even that (luckily). It was the fact that we had moved ALL of my stuff from my Dad’s house into our apartment last weekend and haven’t had time to go through it all, and so it was just stuffed in our bedroom. But regardless, it was an embarrassment for my HUSBAND to even have to look at it. Poor TK.

SO! Last night I got crackin’ on it. I picked up all of the clothes. Folded and hung a ton of them. Many had to go into the laundry basket from being thrown around so much. And almost started a load or 2 of laundry but realized we don’t have any laundry detergent. So that’ll have to wait…. But I am very proud of what HAS been done. YOU CAN NOW SEE THAT WE HAVE CARPET IN OUR BEDROOM!!!!! And most all of it is visible!! Now, our apartment isn’t perfect right now. There’s a little mess in every room. But I wouldn’t mind showing it to anyone right now. (Hopefully I’ll get the time soon to copy my best friend and videotape the apartment for all of you to see it.) It’s so cute and quaint. I love it. Haha.

So after all this, TK walked in (half an hour early) from work and just topped off the night!! I had missed him so badly all day long… much like I do now… and it was just so good to be able to relax and hold him!!

So that was my day. Till next time,

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.



This isn’t cool. I want to see him so badly. But I may get my chance. I just texted the girl who comes into work after me and asked if she’d want to come in an hour early or so… SOOOO, lets keep our fingers crossed!!

This last weekend, TK and I got to go back to North Carolina to have our Open House/Reception as well as to spend time with his family. Our flight departed SLC at 11:55 PM Friday night. At about 10PM ((when we should have been leaving my dad’s house—who was driving us to the airport—I realized that I had forgotten my purse aka wallet aka DRIVERS LICENSE at home. Luckily a friend of ours was willing to drive the half hour back and pick it up, and meet us at the airport. We made the flight… luckily!!!

We arrived in Charlotte at 10:30 AM Saturday morning. We then went to lunch at BOJANGLES, went home, visited for a bit, took a nap, and got ready for the open house. It was so nice to be able to meet all of his family and friends that were unable to travel all the way to Utah.

North Carolina is beautiful and his family is amazing!! We stayed up until around midnight just enjoying one another’s company and getting to know each other, oh and making fun of TK mercilessly!! ((its what in-laws are good for, right?!))

Sunday, we went to church, relaxed with the family, had an amazing dinner ((TK’s favorite)) and then had to leave for the airport. It was so sad to have to leave everyone so quickly. Hopefully next time, we’ll be able to get some time off work and be able to enjoy a couple or even several days. So our flight left at about 7:15 PM Sunday night, and we didn’t land in SLC until around 2:15 AM. Yes. Long flights. Long delays. And a few hours time change. We were tired. My dad was so sweet to pick us up, even so late. I felt so bad. None of us got to bed until around 3 or 4.

This week has been long due to fatigue, but it is all more than worth it. We had a blast!!!

Right now, I am currently looking for a summer nanny position or a summer day camp/daycare position. Something along those lines at least. My supposed “full time” job is only giving me 30 hours right now, and in the summer, they want to cut my hours even MORE because the other employees who are all in high school are now able to work the day shifts. So, I need to find something else—hopefully something with kids so I can actually enjoy my summer ☺ So! If anyone is looking, please let me know!! I have a good resume, amazing references, and plenty of experience! :D thanks a bunch..

MEL JUST TEXTED!! SHE’S ON HER WAY IN!!! Oh goodness, I am so excited to go home and see TK!!! We could even go to the park and have a BAJIO picnic!!! Ahhh. This day shall be amazing!!

So, lately, my sister has been sending me text picture messages of my oldest niece, and she is just wayyy too cute. I miss my girl a lot. And am actually very tempted to leave this weekend to go see her. She has such a tender spot in my heart… that girl could make me take a bath with a jelly fish, I swear! BUT, it is TK’s and my one month anniversary so maybe next weekend instead. Plus, we need a weekend at home with no responsibilities or obligations! :P

welp, im out.
peace, love, && cookie dough

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  1. How I wish you really were coming this weekend!!!!!!!!!! Please come SOON and lets do a girls night out! :) Also, I have a GREAT idea to keep you busy at the salon. When you are here I will give you all of my wedding/engagement/dating photos and you can make me a slideshow since you are so talented like that. :) Let me know, it would keep you busy. I could even give you pictures for every year we were married, trust me I would have plenty for you! Well, its worth a try you did ask for suggestions. Love you sister so much, keep the posts coming!


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