Friday, October 2, 2009

So busy!!

Life has been so hectic lately! Because of this, I haven't blogged in a while, and for that, I am sorry!!

But here's a quick run through of new happenings!

-- I GOT A NANNY JOB!! I am nannying for two precious little girls. Kelsie just turned one last month and Kenedi will be four in December! I spent a few days last week playing with the girls and getting to know the parents and this week was my first official nannying. I watch them from 8-5 Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and love it SOOOOO much! However, working at the store and nannying is going to be quite tiring. Oh well, I think it's worth it!!

-- TK has been gone all week :( As many of you already know, TK has been working with his Dad to get into the Real Estate business. So, this week, they have gone off to Cleavland, Ohio to attend a seminar. As much as I love that my husband is getting out there and "getting his hands dirty," I miss him more than I could ever say! But I am more than STOKED for his return tomorrow afternoon as well as our mystery date he has planned. All I know is that I'm supposed to get more dressed up than church dress as well as bring a swimming suit along.. although i wonder if the suit is just to throw off any suspicions.

-- TK has created another website (this one for himself). In addition to his he also now has which is focused more on his graphic design. You should check them both out--the differentgraphics is actually quite entertaining (he writes articles on it).

-- I made coffee cake the other day.... yeahhhh.. the words "epic fail" don't even BEGIN to explain it. haha. I cooked it at the wrong temp so it never fully rose and so it was all kinds of dough-ey. no bueno.


  1. You'e a nanny! that's adorable! and what great practice for next year when you have 12 children.
    ...yeah, I know my math doesn't match up.

  2. I know your busy but I do believe it is time for an update sweetie!


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