Sunday, March 15, 2009

baby steps.

Alright, so apparently, when you're fixin to get married, blogging is "the bee's knees" -- or so i have been told.

so here i am. attempting to do it. we'll see if it takes..

I am planning a wedding on a $3000 budget. and so far--i'm doing SOOO good!! bargin shopping is my new specialty!! and google shopping is my new little sidekick!! I've been finding the best deals and have really enjoyed taking on such a feat independently.. now don't get me wrong, my fiance has been amazing and willing as well as my sister and otherss... i just have taken great pride from it. Just knowing that i can do it... i love it!!

This week we signed the contract on our apartment.. our first apartment as a couple. :D eee. i was beyond happy!! its a cute little basement apartment in Provo, UT. We have all we need. bed, microwave, coffee table, couch, recliner, dinner table, fridge/freezer, tv stand, dressers, night stands, book shelf. it makes me so happy!!! i know i have said this already but i just don't know what else to say! its perfect for us. We can start to slowly move things in as soon as we want, its ours. As soon as TK finds a new car, he will be living there until the wedding, when i can join him.

We still haven't made a definate decision as to whether we will stay in Provo and send me to school here, or go back up to rexburg. But we have it for now. And the rest will fall in to place in due time.

TK got another free lance graphics job this week. He has a deadline for monday for a recording artist in L.A. that wanted him to design her webpage. Its so exciting but a lot of pressure, if she likes it, this could open up numerous doors and opportunities for him to be able to do what he loves!! He also got a premotion!! he is now lead stock at his work and has managed to get us both wonderful benefits!! I am so proud of him.. he has been working so hard and yet still manages to give me all of the attention that i demand so often..... :P

My sister and her family came down for the weekend! it was a blast. I got to spend time with my two most favorite girls in the world. i love my lil nieces, theyre just so dang cute. i still miss my big brother though :( he had lots of homework though and i get to see him in less than a month, so i can't complain tooo much. i know theyre busy. but shauna and i got to go shoe shopping for the wedding and really got to enjoy ourselves! i love her and am so greatful for the help that she has offered!! they're a BIG part of why i want to go back up to rexburg.. but its not all about what i want... its where we need to be that matters.. now if only we could figure it out..

Our photographer, Carrie Butler -- an amazing old friend from my EARLY (( age 4-7 ish? )) years, wanted to take us out for another photo shoot so that she could get to know us and our personality as a couple. This way we'd all be comfortable with one another on the day of the wedding. It was a blast!!! I love being told to kiss him!! Its not just allowed, its NEEDED!!! its how i always feel :D as you could imagine, i was more than willing to comply!! We had fun and i cannot WAIT for the pictures.. i just love having lots of pictures and for some reason, i have been AWFUL at taking them lately!!

welp. its that time again.. gotta get ready for church and then race over to see my man!!



  1. Good on you getting a blogspot. Oh, and I miss you too. Oh, wait, I'm not one of your faves and you didn't say you miss me. Well, I miss and adore and love you anyway. Looking forward to attending your special day, my darling.

  2. So glad you started a blog! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I love you sweet sister and enjoyed our time together this weekend! See you in a few weeks!!!

  3. FOUND YOU! hahahaha i'm such a blogwhore. i like this blog! very you. now i'm gonna comment the crap outta you.


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