Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ok so my photographer -- Carrie Butler -- ((check out her blog!! its http://paigisms.blogspot.com/ and i stinking LOVE this womans work!!!)) has found some sort of program in which makes the most BEAUTIFUL slide shows i have ever seen in my life AND there is a friend of mine that has even offered to go through all of my old pictures to pick out some good ones so that I can have a slideshow at my wedding so i am just so stinking happy that this is being completely taken care of and its one less thing for me to stress over!!

So, other finding all of this out, today I had my last dress fitting, ordered my shoes, and had a doctors appointment. its been one big day. oh and work. hahah boo.

Ok. so one of my friends got married last year, and i'm not going to say who or anything.. but before they got married and after they set up their bridal registery, they would go online and check out what had already been purchased so they knew what they were getting and i had NO idea you could do that until they did it but now that i know that you CAN do it.. gahh its just so tempting to just log in and check it out!! hahahaha. is that wayyy horrible of me?!?! lol. but even if it wasn't, the fiance already told me i wasn't allowed.... hahaha. cuz i tried.

i am so upset... i can't find my baby book anywhere. it has thousands of pictures of me from birth - 2yrs. including the hospital and everything. gah. i have zero idea as to where it possibly could be and it is just killing me. this is not ok. stupid moving!!!!!

::25 days::

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