Wednesday, June 3, 2009

not your normal sniffle.

im sitting at home. paralized. not literally, but whatever. i got sick throughout the course of the daay. my stomach was bothering me, i thought it ws lack of substantial food, so, to take it slow, i had a granola bar and an orange. i was then able to take a nap which was amazing. and then i woke up, went home, and decided to try a bowl of cereal. i believe that is where i went wrong. i still don't know what was wrong earlier. but i got weak and so decided to take a shower to see if it'd refresh me. well my shower was rudely interrupted when i had to throw up. i finished washing and thought id have to go again. after sitting in the bathroom for 10 minutes ((soaking wet mind you, which i HATE being.. ask my husband. i have to squeege myself off before even grabbing a towel to get out... anywho)) i decided i needed to get a large bowl and retreat into my bedroom. well, before i could even reach the bowl, vision went fuzzy. black dots began to quickly cover my sight. i hurryed and grabbed the bowl outta the cubbord and raced to the couch --- no. my apt is not large. this is just how quickly it all happened. after regaining my regular respiration and vision. i got up and went to the bedroom to lay down. not on my stomach or my side, because neither would provide any comfort. as i lay on my back. my left leg went numb. tingling and what not. now i am no doctor but this all can't be good. plus. i work the salon and fridays tomorrow. an extended shift at fridays, even, seeing as how its our busiest day of the year (graduation.. why? idk. but they say it is.) and with swine flu crap being conspired i can't even leave my house if i have ANY flu symptons... which i have like 4. grrr. this is so not good.

((and no, i don't thiiink it is swine flu, i wass just saying that since people are so paranoid, i have to bbe cautious--esp dealing with peoples food and cleaning their cancer beds)

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  1. Might want to take a pregnancy test, babe. Never know!


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