Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Busy Bee

+Wake up. Get ready. Drive to work.
+Get girls fed. Clean up from breakfast.
+Play tag, racing, and acrobats/gymnastics.
+Change out of PJ's. Brush Teeth. Do Hair.
+Unload Dishwasher. Fold and Hang up Laundry.
+Unload a bin of Summer clothes.
+Pack away a bin full of Winter clothes.
+Eat a snack.
+Practice saying words with Kelsie (w/Kenedi's help)
+Help Kenedi with spelling while Kelsie draws (scribbles)
+Have a dance party/Sing-a-long.
+Make/Eat lunch. Clean up the big messes. Play a last few minutes.

+Put girls down for naps. Get dishes ready to be washed.
+Call Doctor and get billing situated.
+Draw up huge to-do lists-- 1. for house chores. 2. for busy work 3. for TK to do :)
+Plan out the schedule and figure in time to get "to do" lists done.
+Call TK to chat and discuss some choice items. Call Dad to check in/chat.
+Email Visiting Teaching Partner to TRY and get March visits planned/scheduled.
+Make Shopping Lists for Food Lion and Wal-Mart.
+Review baby budget. Make necessary adjustments.
+Online browser shop (get it? instead of "window" shop)
+Organize Important documents to be filed away.

I am SERIOUSLY getting the total swing of this whole stay-at-home mom stuff! (now if only i could get done my mile long house chores list from 20 miles away.... ha)

The 2nd trimester has definitely brought my energy level back to normal -- THANK GOODNESS!!! I am LOVING it. I feel so much more productive and happy!! And hopefully it makes those around me a little happier too....

And now it is 2:30. The girls have slept for an hour and a half. They'll probably sleep for another half hour at least. I gotta do those dishes now and MAYBE get a cat-nap in before they wake up!!

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.

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