Friday, March 5, 2010

so many things and most all good!!

BIG UPDATES (that i'm really late on posting about)

:: we had an ultrasound on the 25th and we are having a BOY!!!! ahhlsdjf;asvhadiofa;oijf. i am so stinking excited!! haha. tk couldn't even wait until we got out of the dr.s office before he posted the news on facebook!! i think we knew for all of 1 min 45 sec before the rest of our networking group did. ha. he's excited about it which makes me even MORE excited!! :) time to start planning!! and by planning, of course, i mean SHOPPING!

:: TK is looking into graphic designing schools! I am so happy for him. He is so dang talented in the feild already but if he got a degree in it, he'd be unstoppable!! We've got a tour of one campus here soon and i can't wait. :) its gunna be a blast!


:: a snow blizzard came and went within 24 hours. (and by blizzard i mean it came down hard but only dropped about 3-4 inches.. ha. you have to alter your vocabulary to match your environment and for here, i'm pretty sure that was a blizzard. lol.) day 1 it came down like CRAZY! blankets of giant flakes just collapsing down upon us and then the next day it was so warm that it melted it all away.

:: TK has been working tons of closing shifts. Meaning I get up and am out of the house by 7ish everday and get home around 5pm or 6pm while he leaves around 4pm or 5pm and gets home around midnight or later.. and keep in mind i tend to be in bed by about 8pm. so yesterday he was supposed to work 2-10 (earlier but still leaves too early for me to see him and gets home not early enough for bedtime) . So i get home from work and TK is chillin on our couch. Now i don't question if he forgot what time he was supposed to show up because i had called him earlier and he didn't answer.. 10 min later her just shot me a text informing me he was at work and couldn't talk... ( yeah i was too happy from his surprise that he mananged to not be in trouble for lying so blatantly.) so i am way confused and he explaned that he gave away his shift because he knows that i have been stressing out a little recently and he was there to help me relax. this included cooking me dinner while i took a nice long shower and then later he'd give me a massage. I WAS THRILLED! ha. i jumped in the shower and when i got out- no dinner. ?? what the? huh? well. as it turns out. we had COMPLETELY forgotten that we promised his parents that we'd watch his little sisters while they went to california for the weekend and we were supposed to be there sometime that evening. so we got ready, packed, and headed over there --but don't worry, i got a rain-check on my night of relaxation!!


:: I had to wake up SUPPPERRRR early (1. because i was now 40 min from work instead of 15 and 2. because my girl's mom had to go to work early to make up some stuff) so got to work and somehow those two little angels were already up!!!! (i didn't expect em to be awake for like.. at least an hour after i got there because thats what their norm is.. but no. they were up and ready to go. ha)

:: after kels calmed down (she always hates it when her mom leaves.. just cries like the dickens.. i hate it :( its so sad) the girls colored pictures (they shared their crayons so well. no fights.. SCORE!!) and read books oh and a sing-a-long. ha i thought kenedi "mrs. goonie bird" because lately that has been the term that i have been referring to her as when she's being silly.. you know instead of other options such as "goofy" or "silly goose" or one of my personal favorites from childhood, "knuckle-head"

:: Dora came on and they watched a little bit of it. they are the only kids i've seen so far that actually answer the tv when they are spoken to. ha its adorable. and they dance and groove to the songs. Kelsie gets so worked up!!

:: TIME TO BAKE COOKIES!! they helped mix everything together and then went to play with playdough while i put them in and pulled them out of the oven.

:: and now they are napping so well! i didn't have to struggle with either of them. they were pleased to get the rest i think, its been a long week! and hopefully we'll go outside for a bit due to the beautiful 50 degree weather!!

alright. well i do believe that you are all caught up on our lives now! prob even more than you care about but its all good. I'm in an incredibly great mood (surprising seeing as how i seriously expected to be drained of all energy at this point) and so many things are going so well right now and i'm just so happy with my life and its all because of those that are around me!! :)

peace, love, and cookiedough!

mmm. cookiedough, i made some today and it was SOOOOO yummy!!

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