Saturday, June 12, 2010


Alrighty. So after having panicked for a good couple of weeks, and finally getting my butt in gear to DO something about it, in a matter of 2 days I was able to gather together AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this. (Courtesy of Aunt Brook and a few others, goodwill, and a cute little consignment store) I am no longer stressing.

We now have several essentials. A crib that is (hopefully) going to get here any day now. A baby shower on July 17th and a SKYPE baby shower that is yet TBA. (I am registered at Wal-mart and Babies-R-Us) And more clothes for the first 6 months than I know what to do with!!!

I have organized everything (aka stacked it up all nice and pretty in a corner out of the way) and now just need to make room for the crib and call my in-laws incessantly until they bring it over :) Hopefully this kid knows how much he's loved!!!!


  1. Wow. What a haul! Sounds like you are good to go. So . . . what's a skype baby shower? That one has me puzzled. Sounds intriguing. Hopefully I'll sit down and log onto your registry soon and see if I can send something your way. I'm so excited for you, sweetie.

  2. its an invention of alli's mom where everyone sends gifts by a certain date and then all go over to alli's house at a specific date and time and skype me while i open them. ha.


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