Saturday, May 15, 2010

100 things i love (in no order)

1. being in love with my best friend
2. fresh watermelon
3. my family and our eternal connection
4. my religion and the strength it gives me
5. the friendships that i have and cherish
6. memories
7. holding hands
8. making TK smile
9. My childhood
10. Honest Communication
11. Nature.. the trees and greenery ect
12. a baby's laugh
13. flip flops
14. the little guy in my gut that is always nudging me
15. sunny days
16. the (good) power of technology
17. going on a walk
18. a call from a friend
19. skype dates
20. ice cream sundaes
21. mom's strawberry jam
22. mani/pedi's
23. fresh flowers
24. my recipe binder
25. swimming
26. sunsets
27. penguins
28. hoodies
29. fresh fruit
30. wallet full of pictures
31. a brand new notebook
32. my wedding ring
33. "please" and "thank you"
34. happy people
35. white boards
36. photos
37. march 23rd
38. a good nights sleep
39. a sense of accomplishment
40. calenddars/planning
41. genuine kindness
42. may 29th
43. to-do lists/honey-do lists
44. cuddling
45. breakfast in bed
46. an empty sink
47. warm sand between my toes
48. road trips
49. april 11th
50. when people use good manners
51. a clean kitchen
52. going on adventures
53. challenges, especially overcoming them
54. freedom
55. dancing around like a fool
56. trying new things
57. art observing and making art (even though i suck at it)
58. being official (in many different senses)
59. my nieces and nephews
60. my husker keychain
62. getting invovled (also in many different senses)
63. Millhollow
64. my dad's chocolate banana milkshakes
65. baby clothes
66. suprises (so long as there legitamit, i hate KNOWING that a surprise is coming but not knowing WHAT it is. if you can completely catch me off gaurd then great, but saying "i've got a surprise for you" and then making me wait a week is bull.)
67. Detective shows
68. Laughing.. especially to the point of tears
69. TK's Gollum impression
70. Watching the snow fall (and then melt)
72. Scalp massages
73. date night
74. cupcakes
75. being TK's "Darling Baby Buggy Bumper Boo"
76. Cookie Dough
77. Live music
78. Being outside on a warm day
79. TK's Jokes
80. Pinky promises
81. Honesty
82. neon sticky notes
83. punctuality
84. a new bra
85. driving with the windows down and the music up
86. faith
87. getting all dolled up (even though its rare because it just takes too long)
88. my baby bump
89. bajio's chicken green chile salad
90. walking outside when its dark and yet still warm
91. fighting for what you want
92. husker gamedays
93. the smell of fresh laundry
94. working on the budget (even though it stresses the crap outta me, i like feeling somewhat in control of it all and organizing it and editing the numbers and so on)
95. fresh lemonade
96. being just 2 1/2 months (or less) away from seeing our son
97. country music
98. learning new things
99. feeling useful
100. our life

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  1. Well, I'm impressed that you had the patience to sit down and list your faves like that. I'm hoping that I'm in the next 10 (like 107 cuz 7 is my number). Lol. I love you, Jaybee and you are definitely in my topish.


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