Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey guess what?! I have a new post!!

DUDE!!! We're parents!!!! yeah.. crazy.. i know.. I guess we need a recap since its been so stinking long since i blogged last...(don't we look just so dang proud!!)
On Friday August 6th: TK and I went to the hospital at 6 AM. and after 11 hours of labor, a kick-butt epideral, a few rounds of UNO, and one hour of pushing... Aiden Dante Sheppard was born at 8:04 PM.
He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He had brown hair (even though they always covered it up with a hat) and BLUE eyes... and they still are that gorgeous blue and hopefully will stay that way.. unlike his hair (which he still has more of than his dad) that is turning more and more blonde everyday. YUPP!! That's me and my boy. Such a big bundle of awesome!! My love for this little boy grows more and more everyday!! its crazy how much i care for him already....
On Sunday August 8th: our (now 3 person) family went home and showed Aiden his new bed and clean home!! (thanks to grandpa rick!! he put in so much time to cleaning our place, only to give Aiden a false idea of what his new home would typically look like. ha) This is TK getting Aiden ready for the ride home, (obviously) his first car ride!

On Monday August 9th: Dad (Grandpa Rick) left us to return to his own home.. i cried. more than Aiden has, in his three weeks of life, thus far. We miss you, grandpa!!!I love you dad!
On the rest of the days that followed until now: Its been different to have a new little guy in the house but it has been such a blessing!! We've loved getting to know our new son (who wouldn't??!?! i mean, look at that FACE!!!)
TK returned to work at AMC Theatres, and also began a new job for a painting company. Its been a lot of work, little play, and even less rest. But he still takes time to spend with his boy and help out his wife.Yay for Father/Son NapTime :) haha they are both so stinkin cute!! I'm such a lucky girl!!! Aiden has been working on his kung-fu skills lately. He's getting so good at it!! He even managed to break my finger with his Kung-Fu grip yesterday! okay, okay. not really, but he DID wrestle a patch of hair out!
And when he's not taking naps (with or without his dad) or eating/pooping (photo unavailable due to inappropriate content)... he likes to fill his time lookin like a stud, skyping with the family and friends that for some reason refuse to move out here...And me? I've been trying to adjust to being a stay-at-home-mom and know that I still have a very long way to go. Our house is far from in order, dinner is far from being a scheduled event, and laundry is lucky that it hasn't stacked up or else we'd all be suffocating from nasty smells--I'm serious, the fear of my house smelling like baby poop is the only motivation i have had to do the few loads i have.. ha. But regardless of how much time i put into cleaning.. it always seems to go right back to chaos...But hopefully Aiden and I will get into a "schedule" soon enough and I'll be able to get more accomplished on a daily basis and allow my husband to return HOME to a fresh-smelling, well cleaned, apartment with a hot meal prepared, a content son waiting to play, and a happy wife ready with a kiss after his long days out in the hot sun (doing something he hates just to provide for his family. He is SUCH a great dad!!! and husband) one day.. not TOday.. but SOMEday...
So yeah.. that is what our life has been (more or less) for the last 3 weeks! I can't believe this boy has grown so much already!! its crazy!! but he's crazy adorable so i guess its okay...

So hopefully I won't take as long to post next time.. but who knows.. life has been crazy and unpredictable since the beginning of time... i don't see it changing for me anytime soon....

Peace, Love, and CookieDough (which I can eat again now that i'm not pregnant!! woot woot)


  1. WAHOO! A blog post! Let me know if you ever figure out that "schedule" and share your secret! :) You are an amazing wife and Mother Jilli and I am so proud of you! Love you!
    P.S. PLEASE come visit!!!

  2. Jillian, You are seriously glowing in all those pictures. Motherhood suits you well. And what a cute baby! I am so happy for you. You are beautiful as ever. Good luck with everything and try to get some extra moms need it:) Love you and miss you! ~Amy


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