Thursday, October 21, 2010


So, we are moving to a house about 15 minutes away and need to be out of our apartment on the 31st of the month SOOOO seeing as how that is Sunday and Halloween we are wanting to be out and done by the 30th... joy.

I am SO excited to be living in a house in less than a week and a half. HOWEVER. I am NOT excited to say that I have JUST started packing and couldn't feel further away from accomplishment!

I hate packing. I hate moving. It sucks big time. I wish there were a simpler way. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have all of my stuff magically transported to our home. I hate having to find boxes. I hate cramming everything into each box and trying to keep track of it all and stay somewhat organized. I hate deep cleaning -- it reminds me of college clean checks (which also sucked).

That being said....

I LOVE our little house that we are moving into. I love that Aiden will have his own room. I love that we will have a (giant flipping acre sized) yard and even a swing set. I love that we will have more room and even plenty of storage! I love the idea of having an empty place again and needing to fill it up (slowly) with new finds.

So I guess I have to just keep telling myself about all that I AM looking forward to and trudge through this awful, tedious, hated crap called moving.. because it WILL be worth it!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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