Saturday, January 15, 2011

Date Night!!

Its amazing how stressful Date Nights always seem to get. I don't know why. But I swear, it seems that every time we plan a date night (which, given, isn't very often) we always face a lot of crap to get to it. Just pans going wrong or sitters falling through or realizing we had previous engagements or whatever. Oh and we always seem to fight. Always.

And then date night begins, and its perfection. We have a blast and love it and it all becomes worth it. I just wish there were a way to bypass the pre-date-stresses.

So last night, we had a GREAT time!! Although it ended up being a little delayed due to lots of different things, we all arrived at the same time. Yupp, it was a DOUBLE date!!! --I personally can't even remember the last "double date" i went on.. ha. We went out with a friend from TK's childhood, Jake, and his wife, my new friend, Carly. We got some grub at Sogo Express which was a Japanese fast food ish place and then went back to Jake and Carly's for a movie, Prince of Persia, and cookies!!

It was a ton of fun! Thanks Jake and Carly!! :)

Oh and Aiden enjoyed himself too. HE got to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house where he got to stay up till 11 or so!! Yeah, there was just too much fun going on around him he couldn't sleep! Silly little goosey.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough


  1. I can tell you EXACTLY why you get so stressed out/fight/etc. It is because date night is SO IMPORTANT to your marriage and Satan KNOWS that and he doesn't want you to go out and enjoy time with your spouse by strenghtening your relationship. It happens to Josh and I all the time. Keep it up, as you know it is so worth it. I am so happy you 2 were able to get out and enjoy time together AND you could make a new friend!

  2. We had SUCH a GREAT time too! We will have to do it again soon...I know exactly what you mean about the pre-date stress thing though, it was going on on my end too! See you soon :)


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