Thursday, January 13, 2011

Does Anyone Else Ever Have This Problem?

Ok. So I don't know if "problem" is the word for it. But here goes.

When I get stressed, or upset, or sad, or whatever other negative emotion you wish to fill in the __________... one step that I usually take to "coping" is to post about it. Be it a blank statement, a quote, song lyric or direct stabbing via tweeting, blogging, or just a status update, I put SOMETHING. Its just what I do. It allows me to release steam so that i don't boil over...? so to speak.

But this isn't the problem.

Whenever I do this, it always seems to invoke a few people to reply back or even worse, call me, to ask what its about.

Now I know that this is MY problem. Why post about it if I don't want the world to know?! I don't care if people know, necessarily, I just don't wanna be the one to talk about it. I am definitely the type of person that if I don't come to you to talk about my feelings, then please, just leave them be.

Me posting them, isn't me coming to you. Yes, you probably see it. But feel free to just ignore it. You do not need to feel obligated to diagnose me or console me. I am just me. Its just how I deal.

Yes. This is a preface. Because I have a post that I already wrote, but didn't want to post in fear of the calls that it may ensue. I am ok. I always am/will be. I will ask for a shoulder when I need it.

This is just a venting space. Writing space. Contemplating space. Please feel free to turn away. You do not need to read my blog. Its ok. I will not be hurt. I just want to post.

Please, Thank you, and

Peace, Love and CookieDough.

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