Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"If you've come to see me, come on in! If you've come to see my home, make an appointment."

I remember this phrase being displayed in the foyer of my mother's home. I remember never understanding it or why she thought it was worthy of display. But now, as I have not only moved out on my own but find myself caring for and cleaning up after others and not just my OWN messy tendencies, I get it.

We moved at the middle of march. For a few weeks boxes cluttered walkways, and then slowly moved to corners. Slowly we'd condense them, but they were still very much there. Not to mention dirty dishes, empty wrappers, and the majestic mountain range of clothes (because I hate folding even more than laundering). But not this week. Nope. After this last weekend, I am no longer ashamed to have company over.

I spent my three day weekend organizing, folding, cleaning, sweeping, laundering, and even folding. That's right people, no more mountain of clothing in the hallway blocking my bedroom (given my bedroom still looks like walmart threw up all over my floor but i'll just have to get to it another day. At least its behind a closed door that no one but TK and I should be in anyway.... and he's sealed to me for eternity, messy room or not ...sucker!)

My kitchen is clean but most importantly my SINK is empty!!! I just HATE a sink full of dishes!!! My living room is box free! My dining room is surprisingly spacious! And my carpets are all vacuumed! OH!!! around Aiden's room is spotless and open and perfect for him to play and crawl around! I am just so stinking proud of myself and happy with my home!!

So come and see it!! No appointment necessary! Well, at least not this week :)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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