Monday, June 20, 2011

A Day Fit For The King

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL Father's Day.

Aiden and I spent a little of time together and got Dad's present ready while we let T(he)K(ing) sleep in a bit.. after Aiden went down for his nap, I made TK breakfast. Waffles, fried eggs, and sausage... it was supposed to be so much better than that, but apparently, i fail. I bought potatoes for hashbrowns. Well TK only likes McDonald's hashbrowns, not homemade. I got orange juice with pulp... my bad. oh and the sausage was links instead of patties. how horrible of a wife am i?? sheesh. :P well, at least I know better for next year...

Then it was time to get ready for church and TK tinkered on the computer until it was time to go. My kids sang in sacrament meeting and did a BEAUTIFUL job!! I was so stinking proud of them!!

After church I made the final preparations to the Pork Barbecoa dinner I had been working on and TK's parents, siblings, and a few friends came over to feast with us!! Like I said, it was a GREAT Father's Day and I think TK even liked the tie and cell phone cover that Aiden picked out for him :)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough!

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