Monday, June 20, 2011

OMAHA, Somewhere in Middle America...

Can I just say how much I MISS omaha's sunsets.... ahhhh

Last month, Aiden and I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to go out to OMAHA and visit all of my friends!!!

It was a beautiful trip and we had SO much fun. Aiden got to meet everyone and I got to see some friends that I haven't seen in a years!

Aiden did SO well on the flight!! He got his own seat each flight (lucky for us) and he just sat and played and flirted with EVERYONE!!! I kid you not, on one of the flights he insisted on climbing up me until his feet were on my shoulders so he could look over the seat. Then he proceeded to SCREAM and get everyone's attention and then he would wave and laugh and squeal like crazy!! He was definitely entertained by himself... but everyone loved him because he didn't cry, oh and cuz he's so dang CUTE!

First thing, we had to hit up BOBO CHINA !! :) mmm. Ali, Alli, and Dayna accompanied us (because seriously, who can pass on BoBo) and Aiden had a bit of an accident all over his clothes while Mom tried changing his diaper so he went naked for the last few minutes until we went to the car and got him a change of clothes... ha

We then spent the night at Aunt Alli's that night because she was only going to be in town for a couple of days and we wanted to get in as MUCH time with her as possible!!

We went to Abby's Graduation Party where we got to see LOTS of new people :)

OH!! And Ali's Dad made us PANCAKES!!! I'm pretty sure Ali conned him into this JUST so she could make fun of my sugar.... but i don't care because it was DELICIOUS!!!

We also went to BWW with Josh and barbequed with the boys and had memorial day on the lake with Derek as well as dinner with the Goodwins, some shopping at good ol' oakview, Village Inn for brunch, a barbeque with the guys, and just chillin at home in our jammies :) I can't say enough how AMAZING this trip was!!!

It was definitely a trip full of firsts!! Aiden Had his FIRST boat ride...
For the first 3-5 minutes, he REALLY did enjoy it...

But then the waves just put him to sleep!

He got to walk on the sand.. even though the water was a little cold on the toes...

His first Doggy Ride...

His first play date with Cole!!!

His first run-in with the Toilet Paper Roll... Sorry Alli!! :)

OHHH and his first trip to the ZOOOOOO!!!

His REACTION to the Gorillas :)

Mommy LOVES the penguins :)

But we all know, HER penguin is the CUTEST of all :)

Desert Dome.



FISHES :) (almost as cool as GRANDPA's tank ;)

Such a HAPPY kid!!

We got to ride on SKYFARI!! (a first for us BOTH) its basically a ski lift that goes from one side of the zoo to the other and back so you get to see EVERYTHING from above, SO COOL.


And got to make LOTS and LOTS of new friends!!!!

Not ALL of which were PEOPLE friends... Aiden LOVED living with FOUR dogs for a week!! I seriously wish I were home enough to actually be able to TRAIN a dog but its just not in the cards right now....

It was a AWESOME trip and we made a bunch of wonderful memories :)

Needless to say... Aiden was a little tuckered out at the end of each day...

Can't wait to go back and do it again (hopefully SOONER than LATER!!!)

Peace, Love, and CookieDough!!

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