Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby Names

Alright. So after three and a half months.. i have managed to come up with a few options for our baby's name... lemme know what ya think..

Alexis Nikole Sheppard
Eva Ryann Sheppard
Leighla Nikole Sheppard (pronounced lay-luh)

And Boy:
Justin TK Sheppard -- instead of doing a third, i thought this is still a good way to show honor to the tradition...
Justin Kirby Sheppard -- TK really likes Kirby.. so we - I - thought maybe for a middle name.
Aiden Cole Sheppard

got any other ideas for us? i'm seriously at a dead end at this point...

Oh and start casting your vote.. BOY or GIRL????

peace, love, and cookiedough.


  1. Great names, Jilli! I think my vote would go for Aiden Cole and Eva Ryann, but all your names are pretty. You're so far ahead of us! Jason and I still need take this step!

  2. I have a couple comments, FIRST you should feel special that Laura left you a comment as I have NEVER received one from her!! (Love you Laura!) SECOND, our dear brother is over and he said if you have a boy you should call him Kirby Dyson Sheppard. That way when he is embarassed by his father he can go by his middle name since Dyson is a better vacuum. THIRD I like Alexis and Leighla for girls and Aiden for a boy. Love you girlie!

  3. literally Led-OL at Shauna/Derek's comment. So so funny. Not a huge fan of Leighla or Eva, but i think Alexis is sooo cute and i love the middle name Ryann. I really want to name a little girl Ryan but dave keeps saying it's a boys, hello, not a boy's name if you name a girl it!! And for a boy, LOVE Aiden. Justin's a good one too, though I agree with Derek on the Kirby. I like the idea of putting TK in the middle...and then maybe when HE (your baby, not Derek..) has a kid, he can use it as a first name again or something...

    And i think your gummy bear is a GIRL gummy bear!!


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