Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ohhhhh the bible belt.

all around town, heck, all around the south I'm sure, there are TONSSSSS of baptist churches (amongst others, of course) and about 92% of all of these churches have sign boards out front to, or so you would think, post upcoming events, sermons, ect. But no, most often they are just there for someone to try and be funny or trying to sell something. But they almost always have something rather.... special on them. Sometimes its inspirational, and a very large part of the time its about a hot dog bake sale (don't ask me, i still don't understand why), but every once in a great while, i will drive passed (or past.. but i don't think so. idk. brandilyn? you'll correct me. ha) one, much like this one, that actually makes me smile. and this one is SOOOO down my alley.

I'm always thinking about what God is thinking as he watches us be idiots. He must get a kick out of all the mistakes we make (or at least I'm pretty sure he has a sense of humor because otherwise, he would've destroyed our species centuries ago)

but yeah. i got a kick outta this one.

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