Monday, July 15, 2013

Time and Money

Time and money, both seem to be in small supply these days!! IF I had more of both, I'll tell you what I'd do: -Go and visit family and friends in Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri.. heck, Cali too! (since I have the money) -Buy a pool pass for the family and me and enjoy a good swim with the kiddos at least twice a week! -Buy a gun or two and take the hubby out to the shooting range for date nights! -Rent a beach house for (at least) two different weeks this year -Buy camping gear and take a trip to the mountains -Go take my boards in Raleigh and begin my apprenticeship -GYM pass :) to get all toned and sexified :) --HA! -Buy an entire wardrobe of crazy elaborate but gorgeous little outfits for my princess -Learn how to surf -Go on a cruise -Bladddie bladdie blahhh yeah yeah yeah... So the bottom line is, I don't have any more time and I definitely don't have any more money!! But I guess I could spare a few minutes a week to try to do a little more blogging :) And back to blogging.

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