Sunday, July 28, 2013


Good Morning Friends!
I just woke up, on my own, without any crying or banging on my door!! Thank you, husband :)

So, feeling really good this morning! :) Gunna take my time, get me and the kids ready for church, maybe make some pancakes or something for brunch and then take it easy this evening. Yeahhh, I've got the life!

May I just say that Eva's cooing is ADORABLE! Aiden never cooed this much!! She is so fluent in baby speak, its just precious. She is so animated and seriously tries to have conversations with you!! So cute. She also does the whole, "holy crap, mom, what is this!? its like, attached to me or something. WOW, did you see that?! Did I do that?!? This is really starting to freak me out, Mom...." thing whenever her hand catches her attention. Her wheels are moving so fast!!

Aiden is seriously the best big brother we could have hoped for. We really didn't know what to expect from him when we got pregnant. We had hoped he'd be awesome, but we understood that we had high chances for him to be uber jealous and kinda terrible. We are so lucky that this hasn't been the case. He loves feeding her and plugging in her pacifier and will constantly ask for kisses and to hold her (yes, he even ASKS!!) and will get up in front of her and say "oh!! so cute, eva! so cute! Oh eva look at me? I lookin at choo EE-VA!" (I realize that the text doesn't convey JUST how cute it is when he does this, so I'll just tell you--I MELT!)

TK and I are so very, VERY blessed. We have a marriage that is as perfect as one can be and two kids to match! We always say.. "we are so dirt poor... (living solely off of student loans so as to spend as much focus on our family as possible) but as far as blessings go, we are swimming in riches!! Counting my blessings.. that is for sure!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!
Enjoy it :)

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