Friday, January 3, 2014


I don't know how much stock I actually put into resolutions.. I mean.. I get it. More than 90% of people that make their New Year's Resolutions fail within the first month or two... and I am probably one of them. Which is why I've, in the past several years, not even tried. I make goals throughout the year, but just haven't really made those "This year, I'm going to ___" stuff.

But, people change, so maybe I have too. I want to write some down, and maybe next year, I can look back and say, "oh hey! I actually did one of those!!"

1. Watch less TV.
This is one that I've already started working on since TK has gone back to work. The kids need even more attention and I need more time with them to bond and love on them... So I try to only watch TV when I'm pumping. Family movie nights and minecraft dates are still permitted. But I am trying really hard to keep mine and Aiden's screen time way down. And since TK is back to work, his screen time is probably down 75% or more! So I'd say we're off to a good start!

2. Do Laundry Weekly.
Ok, if you know me you know I hate laundry. And if you know me really, REALLY, I mean REALLLLYYYY well, you know just exactly how much I hate it.... and for those of you that follow this blog, I will let you in on just how much... I hate it SOO much that when I actually do get around to doing it, i still don't fold it.. any of it.. ever. It clogs my hall in front of my laundry room (unless of course I'm having people over, in which case i kick the giant pile into my bedroom to join the rest...) and it clogs my bedroom.. entirely... like, we're talking barely (and rarely) being able to see the floor. I LOATHE laundry. But I am truly getting sick and tired of climbing over mountains of the stuff. And digging just to find an outfit or Aiden's socks. SO. Hopefully, through getting into a routine, laundry will actually make the to-do list.. and in doing so.. folding will as well. I'll probably buy some more hangers (you know, sometime during 2014....) and maybe even a new dresser.... we'll see. Oh, and maybe I'll permit myself to watch one show while folding... that's a good incentive/compromise, right?

3. Maintain my Stellar GPA
I have two more classes to take before I finally have my degree. During my entire time at RCCC, each and every semester I have made either the Dean's (3.5+ GPA) or the President's (4.0 GPA) list. I hope to do the same this last semester and finish off strong. Even though, at this point, as long as I pass, it really makes no difference :)

4. Work Out
Right now it is cold. But that doesn't generally last long, here in NC. When it was warm out, two friends and I were running with our kiddos nearly every morning and then doing strength training at the park while our kiddos played. I want to get back to that. I was so proud of myself and had lost some inches and really want to do it again! I felt more confident--even if I was exhausted :) So come March, I hope to start again and maintain it through October. That's 8 months. We'll see, maybe I'll track my weight, inches, and everything and really push myself to see what I can do!!

5. Blog
My blog isn't to attract attention or gain fans. It is to document mine and my family's life. A place to hold our memories.. the good and the bad... and cherish our time together. I got behind while I was in school but really want to keep it up. This is also a good pass-time while I am pumping... So hopefully when that goes away.. the blogging will still stay.

6. Date Night
I WISH we could do a monthly date night. Heck, I wish we could do a weekly date night!! But I am hoping, that in 2014, TK and I will be able to make time and efforts to have a date night at least once each month. Even if it is a stay-at-home after-the-kids-are-asleep kind of thing. Just to make it special and spend quality time with the man I love most.

7. Temple Trips
Our temple is 2 hours away. I have yet to visit it for the sole purpose of attending a session. I am going to change that this year. I will go. I must go. It is very important to me and I look forward to it immensely. I hope to make it a part of my life. I can't wait.

8. New Calling
I got a new calling as of last Sunday--Primary Presidency 1st Counselor. (The Primary is a children's organization and an official auxiliary within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). It acts as a Sunday school organization for the church's children under the age of 12.) I am THRILLED. I used to teach the primary children music and LOVED working with them. They are so sweet!! Its going to be so much fun!! And the women I work with are AMAZING. I am thrilled to dig in and get started.

9. Take time to breathe.
With my new full-time mommy position, two classes, a new and involved calling in church--I just need to remember to breathe through it all. Enjoy every moment. Enjoy my kids, my husband, my work, my play, everything.

I can't wait for 2014. Here's to hoping it doesn't go too fast.

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