Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Failing, On Average.

I don't even know when my last blog was!! Yes, I could go and look, but I'm lazy, clearly, hence the no blogging. duh.

So since last time....

Pretty sure it was about my resolutions and how I am going to be a better person, better blogger, better mother, blah blah blah... yeah... I fail.

I haven't blogged since.

Ok, I'll go and look it up.... My resolutions were:

1. Watch less TV.
2. Do Laundry Weekly.
3. Maintain my Stellar GPA
4. Work Out
5. Blog
6. Date Night
7. Temple Trips
8. New Calling
9. Take time to breathe.

Lets grade my progress thus far, shall we?!

1. Less TV? C--I am watching a bit less during the day. Honestly, I am. But shows that aren't scary or inappropriate, I'll still try to watch while the kids play independently.... And I haven't actually cut any of my shows out of my weekly "must stay caught up" list.... But, I do keep many shows until after bedtime... which means less during the day and more time for my kids.. so that is better, but not my best.

2. Do Laundry Weekly. C, again--- I do do the laundry at least bi-weekly. But I still don't fold it. Gahhh, MUST FOLD AT LEAST ONE LOAD THIS WEEK!!!!

3. Maintain my stellar GPA--F. I call em like I see them and that is the grade that I will more than likely be receiving from the one class on my schedule this semester that I ONLY took to get my credit count up. I don't need it to graduate and it truly isn't even adding to my knowledge in any helpful manner. Its an online course and I just don't care anymore!! I am so ready to be done--IN ONE MONTH-- that I just, don't care. So yes, I fail this one. But my other classes, the ones I DO need to graduate, those are going amazingly. At least in the sense that I am rocking them! I don't care for the classes, honestly. The teacher somehow manages to make a 4 hour class out of 1 hours worth of content... its so pointless and wasteful... but I'm acing them,.

4. Work Out-- This week? F. A couple weeks ago? A+. I was working out daily with TK and his brother Ben. But the kids were getting the crummy end of it.. Eva was missing at least 1 nap daily because of it and being such a grumpy butt. So I had to drop out... But the weather is getting good again, maybe I can find a way to get up early and run.. or do a quick home workout during nap... we'll see.

5. Blog. F. Bottom line. F- if it were a thing.

6. Date night. F. Next month is our anniversary. Maybe we'll do something then.

7. Temple trips. F. None thus far.

8. New Calling- A+. I am loving it! I couldn't have hoped for it to go better than it is. I love it!!!!!

9. Breathing. Yes, still doing that. A. (yay for easy resolutions!)

See, told you I fail. Maybe better luck this quarter...

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