Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

The Sheppard Kiddos were spoiled, surprise, surprise, with love and fun and even a few presents.

The Week began as any other, playing and just enjoying each other. Aiden and Eva play so well together, I love to just sit back and watch them have fun.

We even went to see Santa. We went with Aiden's friend Carter and his mom, my friend, Jamie. They did so well, Aiden was so excited!! He smiled perfectly. Eva was tired, she mainly just looked to her brother to make sure it was all good and looked up at Santa, trying to figure him out. If they weren't trying to rip everyone off, I would have taken pictures or even bought one, but they just wanted too much!

 Carter, however, wasn't a fan... I snuck this from behind the red velvet rope...

Christmas Sunday.

Christmas Eve began with the Ball Family Christmas Party at Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard's house (TK's parents) were Aiden and Eva played with cousins and Aunts and Uncles galore.

Aiden got in trouble once.. (well BIG trouble)... because when running around with the cousins in the back yard, he found a huge stick and proceeded to chase all the big kids around. Not a problem, right? I mean, those big kids can outrun him, right? Yeah.. till one, Roy, stops for a moment and gets whacked on the head by Aiden like a lumberjack chopping wood. Apologies were made and they continued to play and have fun.

We stayed playing until late that night. Right after everyone left, though, it was Christmas jammies for us :) One of our few traditions... Then we read from Luke and read the Polar Express (a tradition both TK and I grew up with and enjoy continuing). And then it was time to head home and get ready for Santa!

Christmas morning came and Aiden was excited once he saw what had happened. (He didn't understand what Santa coming really meant...) He got a spiderman bike from santa, an RC car and some picture block tiles from mom and dad, a basketball hoop, books, and phineas and ferb cd from Grandpa and Nana Watterson, some books and dinosaur toys from Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard and a train set and car from his cousin Gabriel.

Eva was perfectly content with nothing, but recieved blocks from Santa (and a special one that an elf colored on) and lots of new clothes :)


 Aiden was SHOCKED to see a block that had been colored on!! "oh, an naughty elf must have gotten a little carried away.." I explained. "yeah, naughty elf."

We are so excited to have cousins in town and can't wait to play with them some more!! We've missed them so much.

Christmas was wonderful here. TK got a new mouse from his sister Janel, and a new mouse pad, nose hair trimmer and rummikub from me. I got a new game and a graphics card for my new computer from TK and Ben and a WAFFLE IRON from my parents :) Yes, we had waffles Christmas morning!!! I LOVE waffles!!!

I am so blessed. My family is perfect. I seriously mean it. My son is the best big brother in the world. He is the most polite, and caring, and giving, and outstandingly adorable boy I could ever hope for. He adores Eva and she adores him right back. She is so sweet and snugly and smiley and I could just squeeze her to no end. And then there is my husband, and best friend. He makes me fall in love every day and even when I am mad at him, I still can't help but want to snuggle him. He does so much for us in which I will never be able to properly thank him for. I love him so much.

I am so grateful for all of my blessings. All of my family, friends, TK's job, our schooling, our church, our entire life, it is one big blessing. I thank God every night but still can't seem to fully express how truly grateful I am for it all.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!!

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