Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oopsie Daisies.

Ok. So apparently I lied to you all on my last blog entry. But I didn't mean to, I swear. I went out to buy the materials for the bedding (my awesome sister-in-law is making our bedding!!!) and fell in love with this fabric instead.

I got a plain brown for accent as well as a green (but it has a little bit of white detailing on it) and an accent pattern that matches this one to the T. The whole idea of the nursery is just kinda falling into my lap right now.. i found these lamps at IKEA

and for a while now TK has already had picked out his son's birthday present from Daddy... betchya'd never guess what it could be.... yupp. a yoshi. but IT even kinda matches the theme so it all just works out so perfectly!!!

So yeah, that's the plan thus far.. I can't do TOO much cuz right now we're still in our 1-bed apt and have no nursery so I need to wait till we move before getting TOO much stuff. ha

but yeah, there it is :) I'm so incredibly excited!!!!

Peace, Love and Cookiedough.

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