Monday, November 18, 2013

Eva's First Six Months

Fresh from the Angels, she's the light of our lives. Big eyes like her brother and she has peach fuzz ALL over. Mommy loves it. Especially the stuff on her earlobes and her shoulder blades. Don't judge, its cute.

1 Month:
While she sleeps a lot, she's a very light sleeper. She is already holding her head up and loves her snuggle time. (So does mom!) She's a trooper when it comes to big bro, oh, and the bows that mommy uses to try and cover up the fact that she rubbed all of her hair away. The hair on her head that is, she still has her peach fuzz :) She smiles when we say "I love you." She's awesome.

2 Months:
So smiley already! Dad is best at making her grin. But she loves naps with mommy! But both get to keep her entertained in the middle of the night :) Tummy time is aggravating, but she's better at it than her brother was. She LOVES her tongue. Always sticking it out and working it like she has something really imporant to say but just can't. Wish I knew what she was thinking...

Month 3:
Playtime with brother is by far the coolest thing in the world. Her laugh is precious. She LOVES when daddy tickles her. And she is ticklish EVERYWHERE!!! She's such a coo-er. Chatting away, singing her song. She is far more verbal than Aiden was at this age. I love hearing her voice. She's most chatty and happiest when she first wakes up in the mornings.

Month 4:
She's great at taking naps. She rolls over and tries to sit up all by herself! Her hair is growing back :) Her favorite place to be is on her daddy's shoulders and she loves watching us. Since Daddy is usually already up for her midnight feeding, he's kind of taken them over. Its her best time of day. She is so happy and snuggly and perfectly content with everything. Lots of Daddy Daughter date nights... but sometimes, mommy crashes em because, seriously, she's just too cute to stay away!!!

Month 5:
 She gets mad when we eat without her. She enjoys her rice cereal and oatmeal but still wants more! Her rolls have rolls and i love them to death!! She's always reaching for what is on our plates!!! She's a babbling brook, this one!! I swear, she even said MaMa the other night!!! :)

Month 6:
Six months old and her first two teeth have popped through! She sits up by herself for short periods of time and still loves to practice her yoga moves! Its the best when daddy and aiden kiss and blow on her belly. She's tried many vegetables and loves them. Nothing is better than EATING!! And she can never eat enough :P

Our girl is getting more and more beautiful every day :) So grateful for her in our lives and am such a proud mama!! 

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