Monday, November 18, 2013

Halloween Festivities!

Oh my GOODNESS!! It has been a very fun week!! :)

We started on Monday, our friends the Smith's came to visit from Raleigh and Miss Carisa brought cookie dough and all the fixing to make SPOOKY SPIDER COOKIES!!! Aiden and his girl, Lanae had a blast!! :) Eva and Owen got to see eachother a little, although their napping was perfectly coordinated so that one of them was always sleeping! But we love em, they're so dang cute. Then we had a bunch of friends over to see Scott and Carisa and celebrate Carisa's birthday--we all miss them and can't WAIT for this summer when they move backk!!

Then Tuesday we did some in-home zombie hunting!! :) Always enjoy playing with this kid, he's hilarious and so energetic, my goodness! Then his best buddy Carter came over for a bro-date. Playtime and even dinner. It was kind of a big deal.

Eva loves playing with her boys.. from being on daddy's shoulders to chasing aiden all over, she is ONE HAPPY GIRL.

Oh, and eating, she LOVES to eat!!!

Wednesday was our church's Trunk-Or-Treat. We all dressed up and Aiden was insistant on being called Spiderman. He would completely ignore us whenever we'd refer to him as "Aiden". hahahaa Eva did well walkking around but at the end, she was getting fussy. We got her home and she started coming down with a cold :( it was a long night for this superwoman.

Thursday--HALLOWEEN!! Eva was a major cuddle bug and Mom soaked it up!! So much that she almost didnt have time to get ready before going to our friends, Ashley and Justin's house for some dinner and trick-or-treating... but when I tried to leave with Aiden in my regular street clothes, he stopped me and goes, "No Mommy! Wonderwoman!" Yeah..... try saying no to THAT! So I hurried and changed and we got to our friends quick!! (Eva still wasn't feeling 100% so she and daddy stayed home for a daddy daughter date, full of tickles and snuggles!) Aiden and I had a blast going door to door with Lucy Jane and Carter. We saw lots of monsters and got LOTS of candy!!! One house was crawling with people dressed up crazy scary, complete with one dude in an electric chair-BEING ELECTROCUTED! The kids we were with were crying and screaming and Aiden just waves and says "Hi Monsters!!" And to top it off, on the porch, was a CREEPER!!! Aiden's minecraft dreams come true. ha. Love my brave boy!!!

On the way home I asked, "Did you have fun, Aiden?" and he says, "No aiden, SPIDERMANNN!" "oh, I'm so sorry, spiderman, did YOU have fun!?" "yeahhhhhh." "good, buddy, i'm so glad!" a few seconds of silence later I hear, "Hey wonderwoman?" hahahahah "yeah buddy?" "Love youuu"

OH MY GOSH. HE IS SO CUTE!!! Melt my heart.

Got home, had a bit of candy, and put the kiddos to bed. It was a wonderful night for our "super" family :)

Needless to say, even though I've said it about a billion times now, I LOVE MY FAMILY! and we had a blast!!!

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