Monday, November 18, 2013

Survey Says....

Today I asked my family and several friends to answer a survey of questions that I came up with.... So I figured it only fair that I post with my answers...

1. What is your favorite color? -pink
2. What are 5 words that best describe you? (First word that pops in your head) loud. mom. wife. happy. loud.
3. What is your greatest acheivement? Proudest accomplishment/moment? my children will always be my greatest acheivement. but i am also proud of the fact that I am where I am today as far as the church goes. It wasn't always easy, and I haven't always made the best decisions... but I came back from it all and am so very proud of the woman that I have become.
4. Do you have a lucky number? or a lucky charm? I think the closest thing I have to something like that is a key chain that my friends moms gave me (multiple friends, multiple moms) at a brunch the weekend of our high school graduation. We all went out, us girls and our moms and each mom gave their daughter something special... they all gave me an angel. An angel to represent my mom, who couldn't be there. They were surrogate mothers to me through high school and it meant the world to me. They are all incredible women and I love them very much. Anywho. the angel, has hung on my rear-view mirror ever since and I always like to think that it represents those 3 guardian angels that I have, watching over and protecting me. Keeping me safe, wherever I go.
5. If you could go anywhere (whether you've been there before or not) where would it be? As a kid, I was really fascinated with venice. I thought it was so unique and gorgeous. But now, anywhere with a warm beach (yes, the water has to be warm too, nc has spoiled me.) would be the best vacation ever.
6. Favorite memory. Could be a trip, could be recieving an award... could be a sleepover with your childhood friend. just tell me a little about it. hmmm.. As much fun as my wedding day was, the weekend TK proposed was so much better. There was really nothing too Outrageously unique about it or over-the-top romantic at all. It was, in an essance, us. We visited family, he made me punch him on multiple occasions. He teased me and played pranks. We lazed about and watched the stars, we laughed a lot and he told me he loved me. Just about our usual saturday evening :) It was perfectly us.
7. Do you have a nickname? What is it? Are you fond of this nickname? I have two nicknames and I LOVE them. JillyBean. I have been called this ever since I could remember. From it has stemmed many others, Jiji Bean . Jiji. JB. Jaybee. etc. I love it, and all that have earned the right to call me it. The other is more of a pet name. TK gave me this, I don't know when. But it made me laugh so hard that it has definitely stuck. But I think I'll keep it between us :)
8. Do you prefer casual or dressy? Hard choice!! As much as I enjoy a lazy day of not having to get ready at all, I really LOVE it when I actually DO get dressy. I feel so beautiful and confident and I LOVE the way TK takes a double take at me on Sunday mornings. So as much as I dislike the ACT of getting dressed up and all the time and effort it takes, I do prefer to BE dressy.
9. What is your favorite thing to do every week? Snuggle time and pillow fights. I LOVE it when Aiden comes into our bed and snuggles me in the mornings. Sometimes, he'll wake up around 5 in the morning and he knows that its still dark so its not time to get up, so he'll come in and sleep with me. He is the BEST snuggler. Also, I love when we are all in bed, Eva too, and we have pillow fights and tickle fights. It is, by far, my favorite family time.
10. If you had three wishes, what would they be? 1. Permanent vacation. I always enjoy working, when I work. I love cutting hair and being a stylist. But if I could, I would permanently live in a beach house building sandcastles with my kids and watching sunsets with my husband. 2. Assurances that those that I love will all die of old age. Death is stupid. I hate it. It can jump off a cliff for all I care. Life is too short and it is outrageously, ridiculously, unnervingly, STUPID when it gets cut any shorter than 85 years. Death isn't fair, and I am over it. I get that it has to happen to all of us, EVENTUALLY, but seriously now. GO AWAY. 3. Babies that potty-train themselves. Cmon, you know you want it too!
11. What is your favorite hobby? (Even if you don't do it often) I love shooting and hiking. I don't do EITHER often, if ever anymore. But they're fun and hopefully, I'll get back into them soon.
12. What is your favorite animal? (Or 2, or 3. Could be real or fantasy) Pet? dog. Hands down. But animal. I LOVE penguins!! they're so cute! I really enjoy watching them at the zoo.
13. When you are home, what do you like to do? Whats your favorite pass-time? (Watching the yankees play, playing monopoly or hide-and seek, baking gingerbread, fighting nazi zombies, and so on  you get the point... try to be specific) I'm a TV nut. To a fault. I have dozens of shows that I am either keeping up on or going back and watching through again. Its kind of shameful. But other than that, again, the ticklefights. I LOVE playing with my kids and hearing them laugh but MOST of all, i love watching TK tickle them and play with them, and watching him make them laugh. Nothing is better than that.
14. If you haven't seen someone in a long time, do you prefer a. to get a letter from them. b. to see a picture of them. or c. to reminisce on an old memory of them. If I haven't seen someone in a long time, i think I'd prefer a letter from them. Then a picture. Because I LOVE pictures (if you haven't already gotten that) and then SKYPE. Ok, well maybe skype would be first, but it wasn't an option...
15. Name 5 things you hope to do before you die. 1. skydiving. not REAL skydiving, because I don't want to tempt death to take me any sooner than 85, (seriously, #10 people.) But one of those indoor skydiving simmulation things. 2. have one or two more babies. because seriously, when you make em this beautiful, it'd be a crime to leave the earth without leaving it that much more beautiful. :) (I know, I know, I'm super humble and not biased at all.) 3. I'd want to see everyone I love, one more time. I think if I were to get a prognosis of anything more than a week, I'd spend a large portion of that time on the road with my family. Driving across the country, seeing everyone I cared about, from NC to CA. Less than a week, and I'd just spend it in bed, snuggling and pillow fighting my husband and children. Those that love me most, could come and visit :)
16. Whats your birthday? Whats your sign? (do you care about signs?) August 11. Leo. Don't care much. Used to read the horoscopes for fun when I was a teen... don't even do that anymore.
17. What is your favorite dessert? Icecream sundae. Cheesecake is pretty good too though. Oh and brownies... Oh my gosh and I LOVE homemade oreo cookies. And white cupcakes. And.. yeah.. well dessert in general :)
18. Favorite dinner? One that I don't have to cook.
19. Foods you dislike? Fish. Its the texture. Not a fan.
20. Favorite candy/candybar? or snack/treat? Snickers are a great candybar. And white chocolate reese's peanut butter cups. Cotton candy is pretty awesome. White chocolate covered kettle corn is a pretty good snack. Nerds, starbursts, skittles, pepperment hershey's kisses, jordan almonds, Did i mention that I have a sweet tooth? And horrible teeth.
21. What sports/teams do you enjoy watching/playing? Huskers. They'll always have a special place in my heart. But the truth is, I really enjoy watching any sports in which I can cheer on someone I care about. In highschool I LOVED highschool football. Not because I was a huge football fan, but I had friends that I could scream for at the top of my lungs!!! I love to be supportive and its exciting to watch someone you care about enjoy something.
22. Which holiday is your favorite? oooooh! thats so difficult. Now that I have kids, I love most holidays because I love watching Aiden get excited about the celebrations!! 4th of July fireworks, birthday cakes, Mother's day reminders of BEING A MOM, Halloween Costumes, Christmas Trees and lights... its all so much fun!! But before kids, my favorite would be Anniversaries :) Love the chance to celebrate milestones. Be it romantic anniversaries (wedding: april 11), anniversaries of being best friends (ali: jan 1), or even anniversaries of loosing loves (RIP Mom, Jamie, Nikki: march 23). Anniversaries remind you of how far you've come and bring up memories of those you love.
23. Favorite drink? (rootbeer, hot cocoa, orange juice, water?) HUMMMMM. MILKSHAKES :)
24. Best date night activity: Best date I ever went on: Dinner downtown at a very fance steak house type restraunt. and then sneaking onto a hotel rooftop pool :)
25. What do you hope to one day accomplish? One day, I hope that my kids will grow up and still think I'm the best thing since pixie stix.

The end.

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