Tuesday, August 18, 2009

family reunion

alright. so today, rachel and moshe get into town. They'll be here for almost a week! It'll be nice to get to spend time with the entire family ((with the exception of Benjamin who is in Lincoln, NE on his mission right now)) and be able to actually see how they all interact. The last time we were all together was the weekend of the wedding and so, needless to say I was a little preoccupied to take much notice.

I'm enjoying it out here in North Carolina. It's a new experience and i hate not knowing my way around.. but hopefully, with enough practice, I'll learn how to get from point A to point B.

OH! And tomorrow I have 2 interviews with some life insurance companies. And a phone interview. I am, however, a little skeptical as to whether or not these companies are legitimate.

I do miss my kiddies though. I love them soo..

love you guys!!!! (derek and janalee, you guys don't blog anymore so please keep sending me pictures of my boy,... please and thank you!!)


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  1. We all miss you too sweetie! Love you so much and good luck with the interviews!!!


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