Saturday, August 29, 2009

If dreams came true.

So a while back, TK and I went to IKEA on a date. ((don't mock it, its a full day of great fun!! at least for me anyway)) so yeah. we found this one really cool layout for a salon I swear, if I ever get the money to go to hair school and can make a salon like in my basement or somethin --this is exactly what I'm going to make it look like!! Personally, I think its awesome.

It has everything you need, right there, in just that space. It was perfectly spaced, not crowded, and still very classy.

Welp. It may be years and years off but that's ok. a girl can dream. haha

ok so back to reality!! We're grillin' tonight. mmmm. i am so excited! its the first weekend since the girls went back to school so once again, we are just vegging out with them and enjoying life. We'll wait for monday to allow ourselves to get back to being really freaked out about jobs. TK went out today with Dad to a couple negotiation meetings and Dad's been helping him get a foot into the real estate biz. He's got a lot to learn and I am actually excited to pick it up with him (here and there that is). It'll be cool to have something like that to discuss and such, you know, until i can get him into that sign language class with me.

Welp. till next time,
peace, love, and cookie dough.

p.s. it has come to my attention that some random, unwelcome, people have been reading my blog. I am, therefore, going to be changing my blog to private, so if you want to continue reading it, please make it manifest so that i can include you on the list of those who are allowed. Otherwise, soon you will have no choice but to leave my blog alone, thank you much!



    How do you like NC so far? I am trying to convince Mike that we should venture into new territory. I loved the midwest. I didn't realize how ugly and brown Utah is until we went there in July.
    Love you both! Christine

  2. if you wouldnt mind me reading :0) I have a blog too


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