Tuesday, September 8, 2009

.a.u.t.u.m.n. = prettiness.

Welcome, Fall! Ahhh. I have been waiting for you. Fall brings forth so many wonderful things...

a. amazing views such as this one of North Carolina.. i love it when trees turn these colors but never have I seen such an abundance of them!! Its breathtaking.

b. pumpkin patches and halloween. corn mazes and hay rack rides.

c. (college) football has returned :) I'm hoping to see good things!! i've got the dates on the calendar and my fingers crossed for a good season -- GO 'SKERSS!!

d. the buggers go away. or, are frozen, or something. either way--no more skeeter bites for me! yesss. ((skin so soft didn't even help me. how sad is that.)

e. the wardrobe. hoodies. jackets. jeans. boots. scarves. lovelovelove it all.

f. foods. pumpkin pie!! caramel apples. kettle corn. sugar cookies. and candy.. lots of candy! store bought and even hand made!!

i shall be happy for the next few months. i will enjoy a new season in a new state and treasure the experience!!


  1. All of those ideas make me want fall as well except we don't really get fall here it goes straight to freezing your bum off, stuck indoors ALL day winter. The ONLY reason I am look forward to it is the ADORABLE clothes the girls got for winter!

  2. Jaybee, this is a really beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. It makes me yearn for a sneak preview at that masterpiece that HF has created out there where you are. How breathtaking. It's so great to see how you are growing up into such a great young woman. I love you.

  3. I do love it knowing and hearing so much about your life, even if its not here with me. It sounds like you are so happy and I am happy for you. I do hope that you remember all of us here and how much we love you. Keep up the fantastic Blog stuff.

    Love you so much
    Dad, (the other one that you don't write so much about)


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