Saturday, September 5, 2009

Husskkkerrr Naatioonnn

Today, my Huskers will play Florida Atlantic at home in Memorial Stadium. And all of my friends will be there ((and hopefully texting me all the updates)) so that I can at least keep track of the score since I will not be paying for my viewing. And I will have to go 2 weeks until they play Virginia Tech and air it on ABC. (hopefully I won't have to work!) But my best of luck goes out to the Corn Huskers. I hope they have a good season. GO 'SKERS!!

So. Work has been going well! Retail is.. well.. retail. but a job is STILL a job!! I got a check from Friday's today along with my tips that came after I left. It was accompanied by a beautiful card from my manager. the front had a Chihuahua decked out in a sombrero with a speaking bubble that read "adios!". and then you open it to read the caption- "that's spanis for: SURE, GO AHEAD AND LEAVE YOUR FRIENDS, THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU, FINE, JUST TAKE OFF!!" yess. my manager is so nice. lol. but there was a really sweet letter attached as well. Hopefully we'll find just as good people out here.

Welp. thats all i got for now.. OH!! except signing off reminded me! i made cookies today.. very yummy. mom says i can't make cookies anymore. not unless she's out of town. ha.

peace, love, and cookie dough.

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  1. Look at you becoming all domestic. I remember when you couldn't even follow a recipe. :) j/k love you!


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