Tuesday, September 1, 2009

JillyShepp gots a job!!!

WAHHOOOOO. hahaha. ok. pardon my excitement, BUT, can you really blame me?!

I got a job. its nothing too special. but I will now be working in retail. I just got hired at Papaya and will be starting orientation tomorrow morning!


AAAANNNNNDDDD. Our landlords have decided to give us back our deposit!!! ((if I haven't already told you, for a while they were trying to keep it from us as well as get us to pay for a month in which we weren't there. yeah. not cool)) but after many emails and a few threats, they at least decided to give us our deposit back, so that will pay some bills that we're a bit overdue on and some debts to our parents who helped when our car died and we didn't have enough gas money. haha. oops.

but yeah. and tk has an interview tomorrow and things are looking good right now .

peace, love, and cookie dough

p.s. once again. if you want to be able to continue reading my blog, you'll have to give me your email address by the end of the week because then i'll set it to private. thanks for reading!


  1. Congratulations, Jaybee. I'm really happy for you. You must be doing something right cuz things are turning around for you. That's totally awesome!

  2. congratulations! Looks like a good store too, cute clothes and attractive prices- very nice! Have fun in retail, it can be very fun in the right stores!

  3. Yay! Go my wife!...wait. I told you that already.


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