Monday, September 14, 2009

a long.. but wonderful day.

I woke this morning with a lengthy "to-do" list. After checking on grandma and making breakfast, we needed to clean the kitchen, mop/sweep, do the bathroom, and wash/change her sheets for her. After we knew grandma was set for the day, it was time for TK and I to head out. First stop = DMV inspections. Grandma's car was a couple months over-due for a check-up.. or so we were told. It turns out, someone had already tried to surprise her by renewing her registration. However, the surprise had gone un-noticed until we got there and the guy told us that it still had until next year. So we knocked that out fast :) and just proceeded to Mom and Dad's.

Upon arrival, we all had lunch, TK and Dad had their meeting, and TK retreated to his office (where he has been most all of the day). He has a deadline and is rather stressed about it. I do believe an all-night-er is inevitable... But I digress.

After lunch, it was time to begin on the dinner planning. The receipe needed to be located (aka. a quick phone call to the bestest big sister "Susie-Homemaker") and the grocery shopping needed to be done. After hanging up with Shauna, I got Mom's shopping list as well as a package that was in need of delivery and I was off.

1st. UPS store. Check.
2nd. Wally world. Check.
3rd. Home to prepare.... well.. check.. ish?

I returned home and put away the groceries.. but then ran up to interrupt my hard-at-work hubby for a bit until Dad needed his ears again. So THEN i began my dinner preparations.

Now this was my first run with homemade pizza, but I got a good response. I made some with just cheese (for Bekah and Janel), some "Hawaiian" style (for Dad and TK) and some with pepperoni, black olives, and peppers (for Mom and I). Janel and I concurred that I need to work on the crust ((it wasn't as crispy as we would've liked.. however the cheese was perfectly browned.. so idk.. kinda win some loose some with that one)) and maybe be a little more generous with the sauce.. but all in all.. a good first try.

Well. After cleaning up dinner, ((if you know me at ALL you know..)) I, along with the girls, needed something sweet. But there was only enough ice-cream in the freezer for one.. and I ALWAYS eat for two.. so that just wouldn't do.. especially when my sisters expected me to (insert mocking tone)"SHAAAARRRRE ..." So. what shall we do?? As Janel, Rebekah, and I contemplated, the conversation went as follows....

ME: Hmm.. we.. couldddd.. GET FROSTY'S!!
BEKAH: Huh, (mocking-ish) where could we go to get some dessert.. at night.. hmmm..
ME: (not catching on and very focused on my frosty) WENDY'S!!
BEKAH: oooorrrr (trying to help my mind along..) we could go to FOOD LION...??

((**Quick Background Lesson**))
Bekah is my 13 year old sister in law. Janel is my 15 year old sister in law who just so happened to go to the hair dresser today to get a WHOLE NEW DO ((she is a curly curly headed girl and she had it all straightened with a new cut and bangs and was looking GOOD!!! And food lion is a grocery store out here. And oh yeah, Janel's crush just HAPPENS to work there.

As all of this began to settle in my mind.. i began running upstairs to get the keys from TK. I've been meaning to wander over the the Food Lion to check out the boy that my husband is bound to be chasing around with a baseball bat soon enough, and Janel was all dolled up.. and all of this got me quite excited for the scheme that Bekah had so wonderfully concocted.

In all of the excitement, Dad's curiosity was triggered and the conversation proceeded as follows.
DAD: "What ARE you doing??"
ME: I just realized something very important that I forgot to get at the sotre earlier so I've gotta go and I'm gunna take the girls with me."
DAD: "For the pizza?? Cuz it's a little late, I think."
ME: "Uhhhh. SURE! Yeah!
DAD: "Was it something for Rebekah's cupcakes?"
ME: "Yeah!! That's it!-- Very important. Can't wait."
DAD: (in complete confusion, he proceeds to follow me into the next room)
((**Bekah laughs**))
DAD: "What are you doing?!?!?!" ((now quite serious and wanting a straight answer))
ME: (awkward giggle, nervous even.) We want dessert and there's no ice cream so we're going to go check out Janel's little boyfriend at Food Lion"
DAD: ((angry, irritated, NOT amused face))
ME: "And that was SOOOOO not the right way to convince YOU!"

hahaha. yeahh. so after explaining further, and asking politely, it was MOM who gave the approval. Dad just said, "remember, you are the one condoning this little boys untimely death. Him being fertilizer for our next garden is going to be on YOUR hands.".. whatever THAT means... :) I just smiled and ran out the front door with the girls and a "Love you!! Be back soon!!"

SO we were off to the store! I really enjoy spending time with the girls. It's nice to have little sisters :) They're both amazing and tons of fun. At the store we got ice cream sundae fixings.. which included, but were not limited to, a new "magic shell" topping that was CUPCAKE FLAVOR!!!! It was actually quite good in the right amount.. too much though, and I would probably regret it. Oh, and the boy's jaw practically fell the the floor when he saw Janel. Totally made it all worth while. Ha.

So we got home. Ate our sundaes. Bekah and Janel made a song up about me that had something to do with making chocolate shakes with spit and me looking like a ho. Such sweethearts, right?? Ha. Little sisters are silly. Oh. p.s. the song was to the tune of "what child is this." What blasphemous little twits.

After dessert, Bekah still needed to make her cupcakes --4 dozen of them-- for her class on Wednesday. They needed to be baked so that she could decorate them tomorrow and take them in the next day. So I told her we could work on them. We began to work while Janel spectated. Well, at least until her mexican friend called and she had to pretend she was too cool/popular for her sisters' shenanigans. Bekah and I finished most of the cupcakes before she had to head up for bed and I proceeded to finish the feat and pack them up. Then I had to re-clean the kitchen, unload/reload the dishwasher and now I am patiently awaiting my husband's immersion from his office indicating that he has finished for the day. So what do I do? Pass the time by blogging of course. Yay for all of you!! Right?? ha.

Peace. Love. && (of course) Cookiedough.

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