Monday, September 14, 2009

i just LOVE my brother

Last night was a wonderful night. It began after church when we went over to TK's Mom and Dad's to have dinner with the family. After dinner, we played games all evening. We had so much fun!! We were all joking and just loving being together. When TK and I went to leave, we got into the car and I just started thinking about family.

I explained to him that I loved him and was especially grateful to him for giving me a family experience unlike one in which I had had in a while. One, because I haven't been with my side of the family for over a month, but two, because it's been a while since I have been around someone I considered to be a wonderful Mom, not only to others, but to me, and little sisters..

I began to cry. I continued, "But as much as I love it, it kills me. I miss them so much." He questioned, "your family in Utah? or your mom and sisters?" I just said, "yes." I missed them ALL, very much. Not even another word was said before my phone rang. I opened my purse, picked it up, and read "Derek Watterson is calling". "BROTHERRR!!!" I said as I answered the phone. He laughed. But I don't think he fully understood my excitement.

I don't know why my brother called me last night. My brother NEVER calls me. I think he's called twice before, and both times it was for something specific and lasted no longer than 10 minutes. Even when I might call him to say hi, we only speak for 10-15 minutes. But last night, he called, and we spoke for an hour. It meant so much to me. I love him so much and miss him like crazy.

I'm so grateful, that for whatever reason, he felt as though he should pick up the phone just then and call me. I needed to hear my brother's voice. I needed to have that connection, if just telephonic-ally. I needed his love. Thank you brother, I love you so much!!

And I miss ALL ((derek, janalee, quinton, shauna, josh, alli, brynlee, dad, karen, ect. ect. ect.)) of you dearly!! Know that I love you and that I can only hope that I will see you soon!!

Peace. Love. && Cookiedough.

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