Thursday, February 10, 2011


Alright, TK is beating me in the blogging so far this month, so I guess it is time I try to catch up!

Still working, still stressed, still fighting for more time, but still loving life!

This week I went to enrichment and filled in for a friend on her presentation. It went ok and thats about as best as I could've expected seeing as how I only had the afternoon to prepare (while taking care of 3 boys). But the enrichment as a whole went very well and I'm really enjoying getting to know the sisters in the ward... its about time, right?

So I have found that come August, I will probably no longer be working. Both boys will be in school by then and so Gina will reduce her hours to part time so she can pick them up at school (which I TOTALLY respect!! I want so badly to be able to be there for my kids when they get home from school.. this is my dream!)

So this gives me a kick in the butt. It gives me plenty of time to come up with a plan and execute it to get my butt back into school. But it brings up plenty of questions.. the main one being WHAT WILL I STUDY!?!?

I've always loved psychology and its what I went to school for originally.. well. the social sciences in general.. but once I got into classes I really loved psychology the most.

But, as much as I love studying it, there is really nothing that I would want to do with my degree once I get it. The only thing I'd consider in the field would be a school counselor for like high school.. but not even that thrills me.

I've also always been interested in cosmetology. Not because I have any natural talent but because the job itself appeals to me. Being able to work from home, make your own schedule, mainly the flexibility because, like i said, i WANT to be home with my kids.

Other interests:

I have always LOVED french. I started in 8th grade and continued on through highschool. I would have continued in college too but was trying to get some GE's out of the way first and then school got put on hold.

I also love human relations... but that's more in relation to sociology rather than HR.

Child Development is another study that I thoroughly enjoyed. Learning about all of their stages and what goes through their little minds!! I am always so curious as to what they think and how they draw their conclusions and so on and so forth. Children fascinate me.

But most all of this keeps coming back to psychology and all of its different facets (may not be the proper word but its all i could come up with so work with me). I'd love to study marriage and relationships and family and children and everything in between. But on the other hand, there are MANY classes that are required to get your bachelors in Psychology that i am definitely NOT interested in... I'd much rather wait till I had enough money to play with and just choose SOME classes to take and learn about... gosh I'm horrible.

And it all takes so much time. But don't think I'm looking for the easy way out. Remember, I have NO natural talent in cosmetology. It wouldn't be easy. It may be shorter... but no, it would DEF not be easy.

But I've already got some credits under my belt that would apply to psychology or any other path to a bachelors... where as cosmetology is a fresh start.

Any thoughts, or insights would be appreciated. Not just "do this" but reasons for or against anything. Ideas of OTHER things to look into. I just need some help as I try and figure out what to do.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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  1. I really loved Psychology too. I thought about doing it for a while during my freshman year but changed my mind when I didn't really know if I was going to want to continue into graduate school. Psychology is one of those fields where you really need a masters or doctorate to do much with it. If you want to go to grad school and get all of that then it might be worth it. I've looked into going into a certificate program or something in the fall. I've been thinking about interior design, and I've actually thought about cosmetology too. It's hard decision, but through all of my years in school I have come to the conclusion that it is better to have a skill then a degree you can't do much with. Hope this helps.


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