Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey Everyone!! Its me again!! I've missed you and so much has happened since I posted last. I'm still trying to figure out how my legs can move in a proper movement to produce motion... but hopefully soon i'll have that down. Until then, I've learned to sit up all by myself!!!

So we all know that I've always been super strong.. even before I started workin out.. but NOW, I've got some balance and stability too!!! My mom still puts pillows around me for when I get a little too excited and loose control... but for the most part, I've got this whole sitting thing down!! I can see SOOOO much more from here. Way better than laying down. And I can reach my toys. And fall over laughing, literally.

Mom also took a video of it, maybe tomorrow she can put up one with better quality. Apparently dad hasn't gotten around to teaching her the importance of HD so that she can truly appreciate that awesome FLIP video cam... but maybe one day she'll grasp on...

Dude. You can't even see my face!! Seriously Dad, we have GOT to talk to her about this...

Welp, until next time,

Peace, Love, and Chunky Thighs :)

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