Friday, March 4, 2011

AWESOME Weekend, and Not Just Because it Started On Thursday

Got off work at 2 on Thursday
I'm never able to predict when a day will be cut short, so its always nice every once in a while to be surprised and get off early! It gives me some time to relax and run errands!

Spent time with the In-Laws
INCLUDING TK's Grandma Sheppard who just flew in from Montana. It was her first time ever meeting Aiden. I love introducing him to knew people (and by "introduce" I know you know that I really mean "show off". I'm just so dang proud of my son!! He pretty much rocks!)

Had dinner and movie with Carly and Jake
Carly and Jake are stinking awesome! I always love hanging out with em! AAAANNNNDDD I got to see "Weekend at Bernie's" for the very first time. GOOD movie and the ENTIRE night was just full of laughs!! I love it :)

Had Friday off and so did TK
Its rare that either of us get a day off rather than the usual, and other than Sunday, we almost NEVER get the SAME day off. I always love being able to lounge around being lazy in the mornings of a day off at home with the family.

Picked Ben up from the airport after his 2 year mission!
As I've mentioned before, Ben has been in Nebraska (lucky butt) for the last 2 years on a mission for the LDS church. I met him briefly before he left, but other than a hanging out for few hours, I don't really know the kid. I can't wait to be able to get to know him! So far, he's hilarious and I can ALWAYS use some more laughs.

Watched Janel ROCK in her school musical
She has an awesome voice, by far the best at her school. Its great to be able to watch her perform!! If only her stupid choral directer wasn't so, well, stupid. He figured since she has the best pipes she would be the one that could deal with the broken microphone. yes. this makes sense. the only girl that can actually sing (but ROCKS the show) should be the one that you can't hear as well as the ones that have their microphones turned way up. seriously woulda been ok NOT hearing 1 or 2 of the other girls...

Had Yiselle and Mindy over
Ok if we're being honest, they came for Ben.. well.. and Aiden but he was already asleep. But I don't care their reason, it was great to see them! And although I was WAYYYY too tired and probably should NOT have been ANYWHERE NEAR company... it was fun... regardless of how stupid I was.

I've still got Katie's baby shower this afternoon, hanging at the mall this evening, church tomorrow and Ben's open house. SHALL BE AWESOME :)

I love my life.

Peace, Love, and CookieDough.

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