Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tie Dye and Tube Socks

Its a BEAUTIFUL Sunday afternoon, we are running late for church and have no time to get Aiden ready, but its ok cuz he's a baby and no body really cares WHAT he's wearing.. plus, he's freaking adorable and can literally pull ANYTHING off. Anywho. So we take him to church in his pajamas but all week the little booger has had a slight issue with erupting THROUGH his diaper. And of course, at church, after a very rushed morning, he chooses its a good time to explode.

So I take him to the mother's lounge and take care of his diaper... but there's no way I can put his PJ's back on him now!!

In the diaper bag is simply a green tie-dye onzie in which his father HATES--EVEN BETTER (evil grin). So I take the kid back to the meeting where I get an evil stare from TK and an eye roll as he is so disappointed in our child's ensemble.

Welp, at least he's dry!! And what a perfect outfit to celebrate the warm sunshine!! And the tube socks? Well they just looked AWESOME!

Peace, Love, and CookieDough

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