Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Eva Rocks!

Yupp, its true, I said it, Eva Rocks!!! AND ROLLS!!!!

4 months and some change old, and she is rolling from tummy to back :) She has done it a few times now, without Aiden's help :), and it is ADORABLE!!

It is so wonderful to watch her grow! I love her smile, and her giggle, and her chunky, CHUNKY thighs. I love the way she coos and how much she loves her feet. I love it when her hands mesmerize her and how even putting lotion on her can make her giggle because she is just so ticklish!

I am so excited to be her mom, to be here every day watching her grow. Taking in every moment and cherishing them all. She is a ball of personality and I just can't wait to watch it explode!! She loves her brother, she smiles every time he is near. If he talks to her, she lights up more than anything else!! She is so loved but its so clear that she loves just as much if not more!!

Four months in, its going so fast, I can only hope that I am smart enough to truly cherish every single moment and lock it into memory. I love my children SO much!!!

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