Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Guess What Guys!!


hahaha.. (i realize that for many who look at this blog, this is super old news; but hey, at least i'm finally posting it. ha)

After being married for... seven? months.. we got pregnant. No, it was not planned. In fact, before we got married, I had an IUD inserted to prevent this exact thing. It was supposed to last for 10 years (unless removed sooner) and its accuracy was 99.9% And so yes, we are that 00.1% hahaha. yay.

But, we were quite scared at the beginning... one thing about getting pregnant with an IUD, you are at a VERY high risk for an ectopic pregnancy. So we were very scared. I was 6 weeks along before we finally (and i say finally just because we were so stressed. I realize you normally don't get one until 20 weeks or so) got an ultrasound that proved to us that our baby was in the perfect position. It had not only become fertilized despite the efforts of my IUD, but it had managed to push the IUD out of its original spot so that it could be where it should.

(as you can see. the peanut to the left in the black circle, thats our baby... about 8 weeks ago... and that shiney, bright, sword looking thing, thats the IUD... it fails.

Now was just the risk of the removal procedure. After the IUD was removed (and some time had passed) we were able to once again be relieved that all was going well with the baby and me.

And although we hadn't planned for it, we couldn't be happier!

And now.. I am officially (as of today) in my 2nd trimester. The nausea is still there... :( but its not as bad as it could be. Instead of throwing up often, i just have an upset stomach constantly.

We are gathering a list of possible names, I'm browsing websites.. page shopping? (would that be the electronic version of "window-shopping"?), i've been reading Parents magazines from cover to cover, hahaha... and i've even been researching baby sign language.. I'm very excited!! And its so freaking adorable when TK acts like a little daddy. It all just makes me so happy... but i can't believe my ears when he puts his hand on my stomach and says.. "why can't you be nice to mommy? stop making her stomach hurt." -- Mommy.. what? me? its crazy to think about.

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.

oh and no baby bump yet. haha. i've had plenty requests for pictures of it, but so far, its just me. haha sorry kids!

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