Friday, February 5, 2010

Rainbows Amongst Storm Clouds

The week has been ridiculous.

It has been covered in precipitation and germs.

All last weekend, and all this week, North Carolina has gotten quite the weather reports. Between the snow, the sleet, the "slush mess" that they all seem to claim as a real thing, and rain... i'm about to start looking up Noah's in the phonebook... It has been a dreary week full of lots of cabin fever as well as a few fevers of 102 and up...

Monday Jeanette didn't want me to come into work 1. because the weather was dreadful and she didn't want me risking the roads (in NC when you get any icy droppings its considered a fright to maneuver in... which i sort of see, but mainly its because no one out here knows how to drive in it and would rather keep it that way.. yes there are certain roads that I would steer clear from due to massive inclines and severe turns .... but i digress) where was I? right. and 2. because both my nanny girls were sick. They have been a mess of mucus all week, poor little angels. And Kelsie, the youngest, has been running a fever for about three days. And then I am just full of raging hormones that only seem to cause me to be uptight and have constant migraines and "morning" sickness ---and yes if i were reading this aloud to you I would actually put up air quotes and sound very bitter and sarcastic in saying "morning" because "morning" sickness is just a load of bull due to the fact that only the morning part can really be justified as "morning sickness" whereas they still persist on using the term when it does in fact happen ALL FREAKING DAY LONG!!!

ahem, but i digress again.

SO. Amongst all the storm clouds.... its wonderful to come home to TK who one day had cleaned the entire apartment (which is quite a feat.. we've been lazy and hadn't fully cleared out our living room of all of the random crap we removed from our cars when we moved in..) including getting rid of said crap, organizing the living room, cleaning the kitchen, doing the dishes, wiping down the counters, sweeping the floors, and scrubbing the toilet and sink. Upon viewing the beautiful new apartment I had just entered, I was instructed to take a long hot shower and relax while he made me dinner.

And another night we just went off to the movies... "when in rome" cute but not too cutesy. Pretty funny too. I liked it.

So, that's the bulk of my week folks. Hope ya'll had a good one!

Peace, love, and cookiedough.

With all the gloomy weather and icky feelings

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