Monday, February 1, 2010

scarves and snowboots

TK and I have thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend of worthlessness.

It all started Friday evening when I got home from nannying, TK and I were just hanging out for the hour or so together before he left for work. He got all ready to go and walked out the door. Within seconds he was back inside, "Did you know it was snowing?!" hahaha. A full inch or more had already fallen within the hour. He called up to work to see if they were still needing people to come in and his manager told him he was trying to cut back a lot of hours and he'd just get rid of TK's shift. :) yay. ha. we got to enjoy the evening watching the snow fall, sipping hot cocoa (with coffeemate creamer because that's the way we did it in Hawaii and its the best way to drink cocoa as far as i'm concerned), and watchin a movie 500 days of summer- cute movie.

The next morning was Saturday. And normally I'd be getting up and going to work at the Mall; however, due to our latest, most riviting news--i'm pregnant--I quit that job a few weeks back to be able to have at least one day of complete relaxation and laziness :) TK was supposed to go into work again at 4; however, they didn't need people to come in and again his shift was cut. Also, our church leaders called us to inform us that all sunday meetings were canceled due to weather and not to show up. So Saturday night, we caught up on our TV shows, thanks to, and watched the boys are back--also cute, a little more... sad.. i guess is the best way to put it, but i liked it nonetheless.

On Sunday, we decided to brave the roads and go visit the long lost in-laws.. it was good to see them and enjoy their company. TK played many different games with his little sisters, and I got a lot of tasks checked of my "Mommy-Do" list.. hahaha. one of the larger tasks including making a giant list of all of the "one-time expendatures" needed for the baby, such as crib, stroller, diaperbag, ect. and price checking them to get a good range of what we need to be budgeting for. Sunday night, my nanny family informed me that Jeanette, the mom, probably wouldn't be going into work due to the roads and that I shouldn't bother risking a wreck to get there.

So this morning, I slept in.. until 8:30.. baby baby! hahaa.. but it felt good regardless. And after being sluggish, I decided i ought to update my blog. :)

Welp, thats our weekend. Hope yours was wonderful!

Peace, love, and cookiedough.

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