Sunday, February 7, 2010

My New Best Friend

hahahaha. ok. so yes you can all call me as crazy as you would like, and make fun of me to no end, but the other day, at the mall, I picked up my new best friend.

It's always so difficult to find one that is just right for you but I really think I did it this time.. You always take some time to try one another out and make sure its a good fit, but you can never really tell until you spend a LOT of time together and even go through some rough nights.

Yes, it may have been a little rushed seeing as how we were just introduced, but that night, our relationship was put the the test and I was provided with the most comfort and happiness I had ever received. My friend is just so soft and strong and gentle. Trust me, you'd fall in love too.

As long as you're not too judgmental. I mean, I found a yellow one. She just, reminded me of summer and I could really use some sunshine in my life right now. (its still cold outside :( and i don't like it.)

Ok, ok, ok. I got my new best friend at Victoria's Secret. Its called Body By Victoria Demi. Its so soft and comfy and supportive and its been so long since i've actually had a good bra!!!! And we just couldn't be happier together :)

Peace, Love, and Cookiedough.

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  1. I remember when i got to be the one to take you bra shopping cuz you didn't want to go with your dad. I remember when you called me and told me that your bras no longer fit and I didn't believe you. Then you came out to California and your boobs arrived 1/2 hour before you did and I said, "What the heck happened to you?". Oh, then we bee lined for the nearest Victoria's to take care of the problem.


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