Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A First for Me

I have a boy. I am the mother of a boy and I have officially been inititated into the "I am a mom who would do anything for her son" club. 

Today on our walk, a grasshopper flew onto and perched on Aiden's hand. Being very unfamiliar with grasshoppers and having had a bad run in with a GINORMOUS spider just the other day, he proceeded to flip, his, LID. The grasshopper jumped off and flew a few feet away. Well, being his mother, and the cause of his bad spider fear from a few days before, I felt obligated to calm him down and help him face his fears. So I, for the first time in my life, (aside from rollie-pollies) picked up a bug. I let it crawl onto my hand and walk around a bit to show Aiden that it wasn't scary and couldn't hurt him. While, inside, I was flipping, my, LID. I asked if he wanted to see it too and began to move a bit closer to him. Slowly he warmed up and was about a foot away from it as it continued to try and nibble on my finger.. but I just said, "Oh hey! Its tickling mommy, isn't that cool, Aiden?" while inside I was screaming, "ITS BITING ME ITS BITING ME WHY THE CRAP IS THIS THING BITING ME?!?!" 

Yupp, the things we do for our kids. Eva, please grow up so that I can suffer my comforts by wearing tiaras and sipping air flavored "tea", thanks so much!

But seriously, I DO love my boy, and I would do ANYTHING for him!! I love how brave he is and how interested he is in the world. He loves digging in the dirt and throwing wood chips and fighting with twig swords and I wouldn't have it ANY other way!! 

I love motherhood. Every single second of it.

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