Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Go Aiden!

I am afraid that I am going to jinx it. Terrified really, because if I have to go through this process one more time, I think I'm going to run away.... Like, just pack my bags, kiss my family, and leave em with a note that says, "Yeaahhhh, for the next 24 hours, I am not your mother, good luck and please, don't die." THAT is how much I hope this is real and not just my toddler screwing with me again.

We have tried several times, to... ummm... teach Aiden something. (Seriously, I WILL NOT RISK JINXING THIS) We have tried several different techniques... the every five minute reminder, the sit them down every half hour deal, the "look, mommy and daddy do it" awkwardness, pullups, naked, underwear followed a few weeks later by buying really cool looking underwear complete with Lightning McQueen, Buzz Lightyear, Monsters, and constantly telling him, "Now Aiden if you have to go, (ahem, you know) just tell us. You wouldn't want to go on Lightning, would you? He'd be really mad if you got him wet...." I'm telling you, EVERYTHING! And finally, hopefully, found some things that worked for us!!

He went 5 days without any accidents, he'd just drop whatever he was doing, playing, computer, eating, anything, and run in and go all by himself!! And then we went to church on Sunday. We had been several places with no problem, and even at church he told me he had to go and we made it in time, but in nursery, I forgot to tell his teachers that he was had kicked the diaper so that was ALL my bad. And he hasn't had a wet bed at ALL!! Well crap, if there was ever gunna be a jinx, I just called it. But yeah, I'm freaking proud of our kid!!! It is such a relief and seriously, I am PRAYING that it sticks!!! He has been amazing through it all!! So yes, lets all give it up for Aiden officially becoming a BIG BOY!!! :)

When he filled up his sticker chart he got a prize. He was so proud. Even before he filled it up, every time we'd have visitors, he'd make them come in and look at all of his stickers and tell them that he'd get icecream at the last square. He was so thrilled.

After we got icecream and we were talking to himat bedtime and asked him about his day he said, "Aiden I-ceems" (aka: Aiden got ice-cream) "oh yeah? what for" and he sat there and put his finger on his chin and looked up thinking real hard and then said, "Aiden potty, Aiden Big Boy!" hahahaha

Love this little man.

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