Sunday, September 1, 2013

Just an Update on Life

Alright, so I'm not perfect.... yet. But I can still try, right?

My last post was about how I'm doing better, and I still am. A few things, including blogging, have gone back to the back burner, but most of them are still in the front grabbing my attention and its been great!! I'm still going out with the sisters as often as I can, I am spending my time with my kids and watching very little TV, I am sticking to my diet and exercising every morning, praying daily and so now, it is time to throw something new into the mix!

An old friend posted her success with a 30day Book of Mormon Challenge the other day. She read 8 chapters everyday in the month of August and read it all the way through. She inspired me to accept this challenge myself for the month of September. A perfect challenge seeing as how I am hoping for many great things to come this month and this would help a great deal. I'm getting my patriarical blessing, finally, in November. I can't believe it has taken this long!! I've been meaning to do it for YEARS... but I finally put the process in motion! So thank you, Brandilyn, for your wonderful example and inspiring me to be better :)

So life as of late, Eva is laughing adorably and Aiden, is again, trying to be potty trained. And by Aiden, trying to be potty trained, I mean MOMMY AND DADDY ARE SICK OF DIAPERS!!! AND IF WE CAN CUT THEM IN HALF, WELL DARNIT, WE WILL!!!!!! Its not going so well, but we are trying our best to stay diligent.

A few weeks ago, Eva had several firsts, her first swim, thanks to Uncle James and his house sitting gig.. She really enjoyed it for a while.. but it was pretty chill, so after about 20-30 minutes, she decided it was time to go. But it was a blast while it lasted. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures... we were having too much fun with our kiddos and its hard to take pictures while both of us each have a child in hand... but they were good memories nonetheless. That same week she laughed for the first time at mommy tickling her neck. She did it twice and then never again. Daddy was the only one to get her to laugh like that for a week or two.. but then mommy found some funny faces and noises that tend to do the trick. She has also discovered her thumb and loves sucking on it, in addition to other little fingers..

Aiden is getting so much better at talking! Using some sentences and LOVES practicing at family prayers. Every prayer time, be it dinner, night time, etc, its always "Aiden say it?!" and if Mom or Dad starts to pray (because we take turns) he always tries to interrupt, "No, No, WAIT! Aiden say it!" He's a cutie and we love him!! And owe him greatly for our progress in our family prayers. Without him, we wouldn't be in such great habit of it.

TK is back to school. After this semester, he has 2 more and then will transfer to UNCC. He and I got to go on our first date in FOREVER. Seriously, the last time we went to see a movie was Iron Man 2!! That was May 2010!!!! Yeah, Holy Crap, Batman. We went and saw Star Trek, Into the Darkness. It was pretty good. An old friend of TK's got us free tickets :) and I swapped doing Tori's highlights for her babysitting the angels... It was a needed, wonderful night out.

So, bottom line, life is great! Thanks for checking in!!

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